This instructable is for delicious smoked spare ribs that have been cut down to a St Louis cut.  You can easily use the same recipe for loin back ribs if that is your preference.  Just remember that this is BBQ and there are no set cooking times.  Your BBQ is done when it's done.  Usually plan on about 5-6 hours of cooking time when cooking at 225F.  The ambient temperature, humidity, wind, and size of your racks of ribs will all influence your cooking time so make sure to keep an eye on them and have fun, it's BBQ!  

Step 1: Select your ribs

I chose to buy full spareribs.  These just happened to be on sale.  Get what you have access to.  Loin back and spareribs that have already been cut down to a St Louis cut tend to cost a bit more.  The key is to select a good quality meat.  Look for good marbling within the meat.  You want the fat to be spaced evenly throughout the meat.  This will render during the cook and help keep your meat moist.  Large hunks of fat will not render so keep that in mind when selecting your ribs.
This is a terrific recipe! Excellent taste! However, unless your racks of ribs are as skinny as those in the photos, the times suggested will NOT result in tender ribs. I have now done this recipe 3 times. Today, my ribs will have been on the BBQ (at 240F) for a total of 7+ hours. They are cooked, finally, but not super tender. I had my best result when I left the cooked ribs in the fridge overnight, then slowly reheated them. This was the only time the ribs were "pull apart." (The racks I am cooking today are about 1.5 inches at the thickest part.)
<p>Smoking in progress, hope mine come out as good as these look.</p>
<p>Looks awesome. Will try these indeed.</p><p>Thanks for the detail in the 'ible.</p>
I'm sure there good but I think that's over kill. I want to taste meat not have a diabetic meltdown. However this is a great prep and I'm sure the meat will be done perfect.
These Ribs Turned Out Great
<br>The recipe <br>Amazing!!<br>Ribs was perfect <br>Thanks!!
Thank you so much. I wanted to learn how to make ribs. Do you recommend pork or beef ribs.
This recipe caters towards pork ribs. Beef ribs are also fantastic although I don't cook them as often. The process is pretty much the same. I like to add some coarse steak seasoning to the beef ribs after I apply my regular rub. Gives the meat a great flavor when you bite in to the beef rib.
Thank you so much. I wanted to learn how to make ribs. Do you recommend pork or beef ribs.
Lot of work and Time. But Looks soooo yummy
Those look heavenly!!!<br/>I'll be over soon to help you eat them!!! Lol. <br/>Awesome instructible
WOW looks amazing. can't wait to try this out soon. <br>thanks for sharing.
Ribs are one of my most favourite foods... those look DEEELICIOUS!! I make ribs, but nothing with this level of care &amp; patience. Next time ribs are on sale, I will have to give this a try! :-)

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