Smoked salmon stuck onto an anatomical skull makes for a wonderfully creepy fleshy appetizer.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

This is a really simple piece once you have all the materials together.

You'll need:

A plastic anatomical reproduction of a skull
Tub of cream cheese and a knife
Smoked salmon

A taxidermy glass eye
Red food coloring

You can get the skulls on Ebay. Last year i purchased three "seconds" for about $30.

A note about the salmon - please buy wild Alaska salmon. The link goes to a friend's business - he gave me the salmon for this project. Alaska salmon fisheries are well regulated and sustainable. Stay clear of farmed fish which uses chemicals and artificial feeds. Farmed fish has been proven to not have the same health benefits of wild salmon.
the best)))
This looks like great fun! I would love to try this out with some smoked Alaska salmon. I just know my friends will get some good laughs from it! Thanks for sharing! <br><br>http://www.savebristolbay.org
Очень необычно и креативно
Two years ago I made this using lox. It has a much &quot;fresher&quot; flesh look and is easier and more manageable to work with(:
The year before i used ham. But lox would look way better... and taste better too! Great suggestion.
don't worry buddy, i don't think anyone is going to make reference to your instructable any time soon, nice try though...
They are connected to a lin on the front page right now :P Under the party category of the rotating pictures.
That makes sure the splogs give some credit.
true true, can't argue with that
that is some very dark colored salmon...
Just like steak turns really dark when it is transmorgified into beef jerky i suppose.
so it's smoked salmon jerky rather than the normal smoked salmon? I've never seen that.
I suppose you could consider it jerky. It does need to be kept cool during storage. I've never had smoked salmon that wasn't dark colored. Some is peppered or seasoned like a jerky is. I'd ask my friend but he just left the country for a while.
Maybe I'm thinking more of the nova/lox type of smoked salmon, although it has been a very long time since I've had the smoked salmon that you don't need to keep refrigerated...
Doesnt look like any smoked salmon I have ever had... it's always been an orangey-pink colour, and very soft. I think you might be eating smoked leather.
Google "Meathead" It's a pretty popular Halloween recipe.
We did one the previous year with cream cheese dyed with food coloring and layered ham. It looked cool but nobody really eats ham and cream cheese in these parts. The smoked salmon skull was almost picked clean!
Salmon is a great idea, i remember seeing something like this last year. Here is the one I made with ham. It was a huge hit but everyone was afraid to actually eat it.
that's cool...
Thank you - my friends liked it quite a bit.

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