Today, I'm making some smoked salmon using my trusty old Master Forge Kettle smoker.  I don't have an expensive smoker or anything.  You can do this salmon easily without having expensive smoking equipment.  Smoked salmon is awsome as an entree but I like also with cream cheese and crackers.

You're going to need about 12 hours so don't leave things to the last minute.  Prepping the fish takes about 10-11 hours and the actual smoking is going to be about 1-2 hours.

Loose goosey and quickly describing the process - we're going to make a dry brine and cover the salmon with that.  The purpose of the brine is to draw out excess moisture from the fish.  At the same time it's going to infuse some nice sweet flavors in there.

We're going to let the fish sit open for a few hours to allow a thin pellicule (a thin film) on the outside.  This will allow the smoke to adher to the fish..

Finally we're going to smoke the fish and marvel at the flavor.  Can't wait!

Step 1: Ingredients What You'll Need..

2 cups of brown sugar
1/2 cup of kosher salt - It's important to use kosher salt and NOT table salt.
1 tablespoon of black pepper.

1 salmon fillet
<p>I tried sandwiching my fish between two cookie cooling racks. I wired the ends of the two racks together with a with a soft (e.g., copper) wire so they wouldn't come apart.</p><div><p>The two cookie sheets per batch worked GREAT - it allowed me to flip the fish, for basting, without having to break it loose from either the main racks or the cookie racks. </p><p>Since you are flipping the whole batch over in one fell swoop, without disturbing the cooked, flaky meat, it doesn't crumble and break. Flipping it is a two second job.</p></div>
<p>Have you tried adding any herbs to the brine? I was thinking that a little chives and dill would go well, and maybe a hint of garlic and green onion.</p>
How do you set up the grill, I have a grill similar to yours, from bass pro, do you put the coals at the very bottom, how do you do it
I like to set up my coals using something called the 'minion method&quot; I find it gives me a longer burning time which is nice for longer recipes. The salmon doesn't take that long but for ribs and longer smoking items I use the minion. <br>For minion method make a donut of unlit charcoal around the outside of your pan. Add the hot lit coals to the 'donut hole' the hot coals will slowly spread outwards.
This looks amazing. I am going to try it this weekend. <br>Thank you for sharing.
Glad you liked it. You're going to love the salmon even more.

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