Always wanted to have a fog machine for your next halloween party without paying a lot of money? Here you can learn about making a fog machine on your own and how to combine it with a pumpkin.

Perfect decoration for Halloween :)


Du wolltest schon immer eine Nebelmaschine für Halloween oder Parties haben, willst aber kein Geld für eine teure Anlage ausgeben? Hier erfährst du wie du eine Nebelmaschine mit einfachen Mitteln selbst basteln und sie in einen Kürbis passend zu Halloween integrieren kannst! 

Die perfekte Deko für deine Halloween Party :) 

Step 1: Get the Stuff

You need:

- a pumpkin
- glycerine
- distilled water
- an aluminium ashtray or bowl
- some toothpicks
- air-drying clay
- transparent paper
- florist's wire
- tealights (at least three)
- some drawing pins (with flat heads)


Man braucht:

- einen Kürbis
- Glycerin (in der Drogerie erhältlich)
- destilliertes Wasser
- einen Aluminium-Aschebecher aus dem Ein-Euro-Shop oder eine ähnliche Schale aus dünnwandigem Metall
- Zahnstocher
- lufttrocknender Ton
- transparentes Papier
- Blumendraht
- Teelichter
- Reißzwecken
man this thing smokes! *cough cough* ;-)
<p>hey, you!..... get out!!!!</p>
Excellent idea!! Congratulations &amp; thank you for sharing ;)
I haven't seen a clear answer here, so I'm just going to ask... <br>Is this safe INSIDE? Isn't Glycerine toxic? <br>(Cool effect, though!)
Smoking hot <a href="http://agatapietrzyk.com/slub/" rel="nofollow">zdjęcia ślubne warszawa</a>
Well done!
Lol, gonna do one today, thx! :D
Excellent work -very spooky! Can't wait to try this! One final touch you might consider, though - perhaps a bit of gooey &quot;blood&quot; dripping from the fangs, the chin, etc... Fantastic work!
I really like the glycerin approach. Dry ice and Propylene Glycol are either expensive or hard to come by.
Great pumpkin !!! <br>
I love this..to make it much easier however and safer..I think I will use a bowl with water and dry ice and just set those inside my spooky little fire eating guy. Good idea with this! Happy Halloween!
After reading comments, it sounds like the distilled water ensures that no dangerous toxins are omitted in to the air? Can anyone confirm that this isn't dangerous to be around and inhale? If it's 100% safe, then this is too cool! Hope someone comes with an answer soon...we are having our annual H'ween party tomorrow and this would definitely impress! :)
Btw...if u don't have clay, make a salt dough and bake your teeth at 90-100C for about an hour. Easy! :)
This is really helpful. Just out of curiosity, is it because any pumpkin carved teeth would get too hot and look, well, non-tooth-like after a while?
Not necessarily...clay teeth are just another way to spruce up a pumpkin I guess. Something unique and different - and looks cool! If u haven't already, check out the incredible little pumpkins with vampire teeth - search for pumpkin teeth. They are genius! :)
Very cool I love the teeth.
Could you just use premade fog machine fluid? Would it react with the heat the same?
Yes it should, premade fog fluid is just glycerin and water, I think premade is around 1/8 to 1/4 glycerin rate, I have mixing my own some, seem like 1/4 to 1/3 best for making thick fog.
I'm sorry but I don't know that, maybe somebody who has fog machine fluid can try it for us :D I think in fog machines you also need presure...
How long does the smoking mixture last before you have to refill? <br>
This is really cool. Do the teeth have to be made out of clay?
What should be great would have been to explain what happens when you put the fire under the aluminium foil ? <br>Does the glycerin react with the warm ? with the foil ? with the water ? why necessary distilled water? etc....
after some &quot;google act&quot;, i found that, only the glycerol (contains in the glycerin) make the deal. <br>When you warm it, (+60&deg;C) it vapors itself, when it &quot;reach&quot; the lower temperature of the outside air, it condenses and make the fog <br>(see more here : http://pafgadget.free.fr/bidouillages/machine-a-fumee.htm in french...)
Right! And if there is no water the glycerin could react to a toxic substance. Distilled water just does not leave residues :D
Love this. Having a Halloween party. Do you have any info on how long this will fog?
As long as there is solution in the bowl and the tealights are burning ;) Our pumpkin was smoking for over an hour :D
love it!
This is excellent! :D
Thanks :)

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