Picture of Smoking Snake
Hi all. This is my instructable on how to make a smoking snake, originally intended as a Halloween decoration. Before reading or attempting to make this, please be clear that dry ice can hurt if used or handled inappropriately, and I take no responsibility for any harm this may cause to you or others. That said, both myself and my younger brother (six) found this to be rather fun.

I welcome any comments or criticisms, but please try not to be too harsh.

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Step 1: Equipment/Materials

Picture of Equipment/Materials
This may seem like a large amount of stuff, but you can probably find most it them lying around.


Masking Tape
PVA Glue (or similar)
Paper Towel (to clean up
Led lights
Electrical Wire
330 ohm Resistor (optional)
Insulation Tape
Plastic Tub (Can substitute for glass jar)
2x aa Battery Case
Latched Switch
Terminal Block
Barbeque Skewers
Dry Ice


Computer (for research)
Craft Knife
Glue spreader (piece of card works fine)
Wire Stripper/Cutter

I have not included photos of everything, because there really is no need to. If there is an item you are unsure about, please leave a comment, and I will upload a photo.

Step 2: Research

Picture of Research
Like all good projects, I began this one with some research. This was very brief, and consisted only of an images search to find a picture of the snake to model my design on. I decided that a cobra looked rather evil, so would do nicely. You can base your design on any snake you like, depending on what you are trying to achieve. As I said before, mine was for a Halloween decoration so did not need to be all that realistic.