This is a amazing dish I learned from a meat smoking site that I frequent for new ideas to put into my meat smoker. It is fairly easy and simple enough for an aspiring meat smoker. I live in the pacific northwest and have never heard of these before I began lurking around this meat smoking forum, neither has any of my friends heard of this amazing creation. It is a hit at all events I have brought them to. 
Ingredients are:
1) pound of your favorite bacon.
1 )pound of your favorite flavor of sausage. (I used hot Italian for this one, I've used breakfast and many others)

For the stuff inside:
1) package mushrooms 8 oz
1 )onion ( I used a red)
sliced mozzerela cheese (16 oz package)
2) cloves of garlic

awesome side dish option:
ABT's (atomic buffalo turds)
1) pound fresh jalepeno's
1/2) pound of your favorite bacon
1) 8oz tub of your favorite flavor of creme cheese (I am pratial to the chive and onion)

Step 1: Preperations

This step we will prepare the sausage and.... wait for it A BACON WEAVE!
I use a one gallon ziplock type bag and place the sausage into it, flatten the sausage out with a rolling pin,arm,hand, etc just make sure that it is as flat as possible. I usually have to un-seal the bag a few times to allow the air to escape.

The bacon weave:
put the bacon in the freezer for about a half an hour prior to starting the weave. (the bacon is much easier to work with when a liitle frozen)
place a layer of clear plastic wrap on a cutting board (this makes transfering the weave easier for future steps)
place one piece of bacon lengthwise on your cutting board, then alternate pieces the opposite way over,under,over,under,
when you get the the end of the lengthwise piece, flip all the pieces that are under the lengthwise piece in the opposite direction they are laying and place annother lengthwise piece at the base of the fold of the pieces you just flipped. take the flipped pieces and lay them back over the newly placed lengthwise piece rinse and repeat until you get to the end and TA DA! congradulations you have effectively made your first baconweave.
EpicMealTime would be proud
Awesome thanks!

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