Smoking Fingers Trick





Introduction: Smoking Fingers Trick

This is a cool and simple trick to amaze your friends with! The only things you will need is a box of matches, a lighter and some scissors.

Step 1: Cutting

Step one: Cut out a striking surface of the box of matches.

Step 2: Folding

Step two: Fold the piece in half like I did on the photo.

Step 3: COld

Step three: Put the folded piece of matchbox on a cool surface, such as a water tap while cold water is flowing. The cold surface of the tap will cause condensation of the smoke created in the next step.

Step 4: Fire!

Step four: Take your lighter and burn the hell out of that piece of matchbox!
Just set it on fire while it is standing on your water tap. The tap needs to stay cold so keep the cold water flowing.
After that throw it away and discover the brown substance (tar) on the surface of the tap. (crappy picture)

Step 5: Amaze Your Friends

Last step!
Put the brown substance on your fingers and when everyone is watching rub your fingers together. Everyone will be amazed! :D



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    this is off you tube but he realised hed done the same so he removed the video

    can you carry around the ashes? if you can, can you tell me how to put the powder in a container, say a jar, without getting any of it trapped on another item, e.g. fingers, sticks, brushes, etc.

    Makes your fingers smell bad for a few days though.

    does it get hot??????????????????????

    yer and it burns your hand lol not but im gunna do tht

    nope, its just powderized phospherous. have you ever been burnt by powder?

    Only when I bought baking soda from some guy off the street. . . (just kidding)

    no, you keep it cool with the water flowing through the tap. rubbing your fingers only lets the powder disperse

    Ok, so when i fold the strike surface, is the surface facing up, or is the back?

    the back is facing up with the brown surface down