Picture of Smoking fingers trick
This is a cool and simple trick to amaze your friends with! The only things you will need is a box of matches, a lighter and some scissors.

Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Step one: Cut out a striking surface of the box of matches.
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baba43 years ago
this is off you tube but he realised hed done the same so he removed the video
akwak14 years ago
can you carry around the ashes? if you can, can you tell me how to put the powder in a container, say a jar, without getting any of it trapped on another item, e.g. fingers, sticks, brushes, etc.
Makes your fingers smell bad for a few days though.
does it get hot??????????????????????
yer and it burns your hand lol not but im gunna do tht
shikaku ab5t3r4 years ago
nope, its just powderized phospherous. have you ever been burnt by powder?
pdub77 shikaku4 years ago
Only when I bought baking soda from some guy off the street. . . (just kidding)
no, you keep it cool with the water flowing through the tap. rubbing your fingers only lets the powder disperse
Ok, so when i fold the strike surface, is the surface facing up, or is the back?
the back is facing up with the brown surface down
gabrico6 years ago
I did this and after reading about the whole white phosphurous thing, i got freaked out! what can i do to remove this smell stuff? I already tried Alcohol wipes, soap, water and dish soap.
does this actully work i dont believe videos and this is probably bad for you
sandalian6 years ago
I've tried this trick when I was a kid. I have two conclusion: - My finger also glowing in the dark. - My fingers smell very bad after doing the trick :(
el hersh7 years ago
ya dis is cool but i did it like 16 times for ma buddies in a closed room and just about passed out. not intelligent on my part
nc527 el hersh7 years ago
ah so childish to post fake comments
might be true cus someone below said that it has white posphorous which is poisonous.
soundblade7 years ago
yea the fumes are extremely bad for your health, that and that smell doesn't come off your hands for a while, even after u wash them.
ciryx8 years ago
Kann mir das mal bitte jemand auf Deutsch erklären ?
Was mus sich machen wenn das ding auf dem Wasserhahn liegt und Wasserläuft ? Oder am Besten das ding mit dem Penny das kann ich draußen machen =)
ronmcd ciryx8 years ago
is he allowed to speak german on this website?
ojochris ronmcd7 years ago
It's dutch, not German.
QPie (author)  ojochris7 years ago
This is dutch: Hallo ik ben zelf Nederlander dus nederlands praten is voor mij een stukje taart. That is german.
ojochris QPie7 years ago
Is it? sorry, my german is rusty, I didn't recognize it...
ciryx ojochris7 years ago
Ja, es ist Deutsch ;)
Ja ist es!
Nazgul QPie7 years ago
lol dikke lol ik ben ook nederlander dus nederlands praten is voor mij een stukje koek want dat vind ik lekkerder
ciryx ojochris7 years ago
Wrong !
lol hey hey, now, lol jk, the funny thing is im i my second year of German and i understand all of that lol.
ps...(i joined this website just to post this comment...board..yes i am...waste of a life i know..happy...u could say that i am) =_= WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~
Eddbot ronmcd8 years ago
my brain is stuck...
Metal4God ciryx7 years ago
Ich spreche gern Deutsch auf hier seinem Spaß!
wmdfound7 years ago
arent the fumes from this extremely bad for you?
Tomtrocity8 years ago
About how much tar do you get per strip?
QPie (author)  Tomtrocity8 years ago
I only used the tar from one strip in that movie.
gama kichi QPie7 years ago
I burned the strikers a lot, and saw the brown stuff and wiped it off, cause I thought it was supposed 2 be a solid, because it said tar!!!! lol =) Nice instructable though! U did a good job with explaining the stuff.
simonpca8 years ago
As a warning:

Someone on a Metacafe video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/530151/smoking_fingers/ has commented:

The residue created in this process contains Urea fomaldahyde, which is a known carcinogen, and Red phosphorus, which can be potentially harmful. The smoke you see is the red phosphorus vapourising caused by the heat produced through friction. However, it should be pointed out that red phosphorus can revert to white phoshorus under frictional heat. White phosphorus is highly toxic!Formaldahyde is used for embalming. It changes cell structure permanently. It's ok for dead people but not for the living.Cell deformity can cause cancer. If you have to try this experiment please wear latex gloves.replyby PorkyPig, 5th, May 
i was gonna try this, but never mind! lol
ya, take another pic
jakee1177 years ago
as simonpca said it is bad 4 u so flag it!!!
jakee1177 years ago
omg baddd 4 u
jaknife11028 years ago
i did it, but i did it on my driveway with out getting the condensation. why would you want the condensation? this is 1 sweet trick. the guys @ skool loved it!!
why would u bring it to skool? lol =\
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