Introduction: Smooth Cooler

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Materials Blender Spoon Knife Banana Apple

Step 1: Blend

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Plug the blender in

Step 2: Banana

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Get a banana and peel it and then cut it up

Step 3: Put

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Put it in the blender

Step 4: Apple

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Get an apple and cut it then put it in the blender

Step 5: Lid

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Secure the lid

Step 6: Mix

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Start mixing

Step 7: Spoon

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Get a spoon stir it and put it in the cup

Step 8: Leave

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Leave it for a bit so it is not puffy

Step 9: Fridge

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Put it in the fridge for about 30mins

Step 10: Enjoy

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Mmmmm lovely


tootsiecoral (author)2013-07-27


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Bio: This is my cat Tootsie
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