Smoothie Pops!





Introduction: Smoothie Pops!

Making your own popsicles is easy-peasy. It's also a fun way to fool yourself you're eating dessert when it's really just healthy stuff like yogurt, fruit and the like. Gotcha, taste buds!

Try making these Smoothie Pops from your favorite smoothie recipe (mine follows.)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Popsicle molds--we have these ones from Tovolo
Fruit, yogurt, and/or juice of your choosing
Flax oil, spirulina, or healthy smoothie-type additives of your choosing
Food processor or blender
Paring Knife

Step 2: Make Raw Popsicle Puree

Throw some yogurt, sliced up fruit, juice, healthy additives and whatever else your heart desires into a blender or food processor. Puree.

Step 3: Fill 'em Up

Make sure to leave a little room in the molds to allow for expansion. Add sticks.

Step 4: Freeze!

Put your pops in the freezer for at least 4 hours. Then enjoy your yummy healthy treat anytime of day. Happy summer!



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I never even *thought* to try this with smoothies before! I went out immediately and bought popsicle molds (I also went to Ross and ALSO found the SAME Tovolo mold!). Blended up some low-fat vanilla yogurt and a blend of berries. It's a little "icier" than I'd like it, so next time I'll use more yogurt, but the flavor was AMAZING. I just ran some warm water over the frozen pop in the mold to loosen it and they popped out just fine. Can't wait to try this with other stuff blended in!

popsicles (2).jpg

hey wow, our pops match! :)

Upon reading this forum, I got really quite interested as I learned a lot from all the other postings in here. Summer is so with us now and this is one of the ways of somehow enjoying the Summer. With the different varieties of smoothies that I could indulge in I would say that I could live with smoothies everyday specially that there is no cream involved in here. I was pondering on the possibility of having mixed smoothies and so I consulted by program about that and to my surprise, it was listed there. Now, that is what I call a wonderful surprise. Now I will go ahead and have different matching fruits for my smoothies and store them in the ref and enjoy them this weekend.

Thanks for the tips! What I was doing recently was pre-chilling my molds to start the freezing process faster and not give the Kool-Aid flavor/water a longer chance to separate. It did improve it somewhat, but I was still left with basically a hard water ice cube shell with the flavor trapped inside. I will definitely try your suggestions, and I like the idea of making a slush, to suspend the water and flavor equally. This would also be helped by the pre-chilling of the molds too! I will experiment and if successful make an instructable for sure!

BTW, this pre-chill ideaI got from watching a show called "How It's Made" Fascinating process.  Simple but elegant! 
Here are the ULTIMATE Instructables on popsicle making! :D

(starts at 5:45)

Continues here:

Yum!  I'm hungry!  They look deeeelish!

I've been trying to make regular popsicles using Kool-aid, but
I find it tends to separate, i.e. water and flavor, and I get basically
an icecube wrapped around the flavor core.
Does anything like that happen with these recipes?
If not, I think I'll go with the yogurt etc. and forget about the Kool-aid.


Yes! Oddly enough strawberries and other watery fruits can turn into little ice cubes if they're chunky. "Creamier" fruits like bananas, along with adding lots of yogurt and blending everything up really well, seems to make a better smoothie pop.

If you follow a similar procedure to the one outlined the bits of berrysicle can be reduced.

Use the blender to puree most of the strawberries. Use this in the base smoothy mix. As above pour the blend into a large bowl and place in freezer. Stir periodically as it begins to form a slush.

Once the frozen mixture begins to solidify dice up the remaining berries, either by hand or in a blender to get "nibbles" of berry. Mix these thoroughly into the slush and pour into the popsicle molds.

In most cases the slushie mix will insulate the berry bits enough to keep them soft and edible.

Take a look at my soft and easy lemon sorbet, a similiar process can be used by you.

Use some clear Karo syrup to lower the freezing point, this will keep them from turning into flavored ice cubes.

Mix up a batch of Kool Aid sorbet in a large bowl and place in the freezer. Periodically stir the mixture with a spoon. Start with water as cold as you can get the mix and sugar to dissolve in. Consider making a simple syrup with the Kool Aid, allowing that to cool and chilling thoroughly ( ice cubes can be added since its all going there anyway ) then adding this liquid to a larger quantity of pre-chilled water.

Once it begins to freeze into slush pour into popsicle molds and allow to fully solidify. The thicker the slush the creamier the final popsicle will be.

Experiment with the Karo syrup and sugar in the Kool Aid ( use real Kool Aid, not the pre-sweetened kind ). If you try this please consider making an instructable.

You could also add a "cream layer" by pouring smoothie in about third of the way, freeze, then add pure yogurt, freeze, and add smoothie again. More work, but mnnnn.....