S'more Brownie Pie!




Introduction: S'more Brownie Pie!

Who doesn't love brownies? Who doesn't love s'mores? Who doesn't love pie? So i decided to combine it all together to make one amazing pie!

Step 1: Ingredients

Brownie mix and ingredients for brownie mix - homemade or store bought
mini marshmallows
A gram cracker crust - homemade or store bought
optional and not shown - marshmallow fluff

Step 2: Add Marshmallow Fluff and Brownie Mix

Now if you are going to add marshmallow fluff, spread it in the bottom of the pie crust. After that pour in brownie mix.

Step 3: Add the Mini Marshmallows and Bake

Now, bake the brownie mix according to the recipe. After that, top with the mini marshmallows and place it in the oven until the mini marshmallows are toasted.

Step 4: Now Enjoy!

Take it out when you think it is done and enjoy!



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