Summer time ending. Now if your in the mood for summer you can have it when ever you want!!!!!:)

Step 1: Two Pieces O Bread

Use a knife to put Nutella and peanut butter on the pieces of bread.

Step 2: Marshmallows

Put as many marshmallows on as u want.

Step 3: Microwave

Nuke it for 15 seconds.
Honestly, I don't think it tasted very good;)
It tasts in the middle I like the s'more but not with the peanut butter but good job!
Sorry DCA I am trying my best!!!!!!:-) (So you like it)?
Pretty skimpy with the peanut butter and Nutella pal! I said skimpy, not "Skippy".
Looks awesome!!!!
It did taste pretty bad

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