Picture of Smoreos, Dude!
Like amalgam foods? Try these.

Step 1: Stuff For Making 'em

Picture of Stuff For Making 'em
You will need:
Shmellows (Marshmellows for those who have not had any previous experience with me)
Chocolate Cream Oreos
plate or paper towel
danlynne073 years ago
wow ,i know me and my kids would love this. we love oreos and marshmallows.
beehard444 years ago
I thought the curse of the flaming mallow will end when i will use the microwave. it has not
Bitsi7 years ago
So, what happens if you put the schmello into the cookie first, and then nuke it? Why do you have to bite the schmello in half?
finfan7 (author)  Bitsi7 years ago
I never tried he reverse order but as far as biting it in half is concerned it is to make the marshmellow the appropriate size for an oreo.
or you could cut it in half and make 2 of em =P
finfan7 (author)  Bitsi7 years ago
I tried it. For some reason the shmellow was more gooey than usual. Otherwise, there was no difference.
flyyr6 years ago
It's awesome, though the marshmallows were a bit gooey! it was fun!
finfan7 (author)  flyyr6 years ago
I'm glad you enjoyed them. if the marshmellows are too gooey reduce cook time by ~2 seconds.
flyyr finfan76 years ago
Oh, i will try and make them again. They should be great then! Smoreos Rock!
weird406 years ago
mikeasaurus7 years ago
Dude! Smores!
finfan7 (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
Chyah Dude! Smoreos!