S'mores Cupcakes {they Are AMAZING}





Introduction: S'mores Cupcakes {they Are AMAZING}

These are my FAVORITE Cupcake recipe!!! I came up with them because I needed to make something for friends coming over  all I had in my cupboard.= was a cake box and s'mores stuff!!! I'm so happy they turned out! everyone LOVES these!

S'mores are one of those classic All American Foods. But they can be so Messy!

So try this gourmet cupcake version.

Use a Chocolate Cake box for your cupcakes, but only fill them about 1/3 full. Squish a marshmallow into the middle of the batter and bake until the marshmallow looks lightly toasted (like in picture)

Let cool and then drizzle then with chocolate and crushed graham crackers while in the pan. Gently pop out of the pan and garnish with a Heresy Chocolate Square!

For more pictures of the recipe, visit my blog post on it! Or check out my Food Section for more great Tutorials!

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Love you all!
♥ Hannah



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    Oooooh! Tastey :). I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing!

    I just love s'mores! Wonderful gooey, yummy cupcakes!

    Me too! These are my FAVORITE Cupcake recipe!!! (I came up with them because I needed to make something from what I had in my cupboard... only a cake box and s'mores stuff!!!)