On a wild hair today I decided to not only try to come up with a new snack/dessert for my S'more loving wife, but I thought I would do my very first Instructable.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Keep in mind I made this up, and upon posting this, I have only made this ONCE.  The measurements and such are in no way set in stone, so play around with it a bit.

Step 1: Ingredients

What you are going to need:

1. "Honey" flavored Graham Crackers
      -1 1/2 package (There are usually 3 packages in a box)
2. Unsalted Butter (I used salted....bad idea)
      -1 1/3 Cup
3. Mini Marshmallows
      -Didn't measure how much I used.....just kinda eyeballed it.
4. Milk Chocolate Chips
      -Yep....eyeballed this one too.
5. A cupcake pan
      -Mmmmmmm, cupcakes.

l like these :)
This was great! I made it for some friends and I don't think it lasted but a few minutes
Wow. You just blew my mind. I love the fact that they look like bowls. Too bad I can't make some.......*sigh*
Never knew s'mores could look so fancy! Nice presentation! This is a fine time for me to be out of chocolate chips... *sigh*
Indeed I will make these soon
That looks so good!
Yummy! I love s'moresy things!
Yum! They look delicious!
Thank you

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