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Introduction: S'mores Rolls

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Who doesn't love s'mores?!  About a month ago, I had moved into a new house in San Francisco and wanted to make my housemates love me, so I came up with this twist on a classic camping dessert.  I hope it goes without saying that my housemates and I are all great friends now!

Step 1: Ingredients and Pre-heating

For these rolls, I used:
Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars
Mini marshmallows
Store brand, pre-made crescent roll dough

Pre-heat the oven to whatever temperature is says on your packet of crescent roll dough.

Step 2: Build the Roll

Start by unrolling your crescent roll dough.  I have found it's easier to work with if it's cold before you start.  It will probably come in triangles already, so less work for you!  Yay!   Break your chocolate into pieces and put two pieces at the wide end of the triangle and add some mini marshmallows.  I experimented with different amounts of marshmallows but I found that if I put in more than about 6, they puff up and bubble out and stick to the pan.
To really get the graham cracker flavor, I added honey to the rest of the roll and rolled it up as you normally would.  Just make sure you pinch the ends closed so the chocolate and marshmallows don't leak out while it's on the oven!
I also sprinkled cinnamon on top before I baked them for added graham cracker taste.

Step 3: Bake and Enjoy!

Bake your rolls for the amount of time specified on the packaging for the crescent rolls, eat them while they're warm!



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    This looks amazing! I sooooo want to try making it! Just one thing though, What is that yellow thing you put inside after the marshmallows?


    3 years ago


    Looks great! I love marshmallows, so this would be perfect. I just recently broke my record for eating the most in one day with 18 haha

    Thus looks soooooo good, my mouth is watering

    Tried these! They were delicious; but I would have liked to still have some of the white marshmallow goo left after they were finished baking. Something to try next time would be to freeze the 'mallows before you put them in the crescent roll, that way it takes longer for them to melt!

    1 reply

    I can't wait to try this! They look great :)

    Very good

    Finally, something I can actually bake - I'm pretty awful in the kitchen, but I'm tempted to try this one - Thanks, for the post


    2 replies

    Got up Sunday morning and baked these for the wife and son, they were amazed that I could actually work the oven, let alone bake anything. Turned out well, however I didn't pinch the ends enough on a couple of them so I had a little leakage.


    im makeing them right now. i found out i suck a rolling cresant rolls

    1 reply

    what a fun idea! can't wait to test drive this one in my kitchen! very clever & imagenitve good job!

    1 reply