Picture of Smugglers Box for a Mid-Century Van
Old vans from the early 60's, such as my 1965 Ford Econoline, are designed to be compact and are considered the first minivans.  There's a good amount of room inside but no place to lock up valuables out of sight unless you install a locked box somewhere.  If you don't mind doing some cutting into the floor, and permanently modifying your van, then there are two locations where you can utilize unused space underneath the van.    I call it a smugglers box because it's more fun than a battery box or extra underfloor storage and reminds me of smuggling Droids and Jedi Knights in a film made 11 years after my van was built.  Lets get started...

To do this you will need a lot of gear including welding, cutting and grinding tools.  Because I live in an apartment and don't own any of these tools I made it at Tech Shop.  Check to see if you have a Tech Shop near where you live.


For my box I used approximately:
8 feet of 1/8 x 1 inch angle iron
8 feet of 1/8 x 2 inch mild steel bar
15 feet x 1 ft 16 gauge mild steel sheet metal
2 cans of Rust Oleum primer and paint.
or check out yr local scrap yards. uill pay abut 40 - 60 cents a pound depending on where u live.
or flood yr gas tank (keep it flooded) with inert gases, like co2 or argon. or runn yr tank to empty.
l8nite2 years ago
nicely done