Snack Organizer and Trail Mix Recipe




Introduction: Snack Organizer and Trail Mix Recipe

I decided to make an Instructable that is sort of a two-in-one, and as a bonus the trail mix can be stored in the snack organizer! This set is perfect to take camping, on a road trip, on a plane or to school or work! They are sure to make your busy life easier.

Step 1: Trail Mix

This trail mix is a delicious mix of healthy dry foods and is super easy to make. I'll leave it to you to decide the quantities, because you can just put in roughly the same amount of everything.

What you'll need:
-dried blueberries
-chocolate chips
-dried plums
-rolled oats
-seed blend

Toss it all in a Ziplock bag and shake up well! Or, put it in the snack organizer

Step 2: Snack Organizer

This snack organizer is disposable for traveling but can be reused (without washing! I tried to use recycled items for most of the materials.

What you'll need:
-medium-sized circular container
-plastic or foam cup, preferably disposable
-disposable utensils
-rubber bands

Use scissors to carve a small hole just below the rim of the cup. (This is why I prefer a foam cup.)

Cut a rubber band and use it as a string to tie it to the hole. Tape it to the lid of the container.

Put a rubber band around the top of the cup to hold items such as napkins and utensils. It's very handy!

Finally, put your trail mix in the container and wrapped food like candy or a tangerine in the cup!



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