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This fun after school snack is what I make for my kids about once a month.They feel special to have their own special "cupcake" for themselves. They also like to help me make them sometimes. You can choose any flavors you want. We love the chocolate banana flavor combo.

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Pudding (any 2 flavors)
Nilla Wafers
Whip Cream

I used Wilton silicone cupcake liners.They are very flexible so if you want to take out the frozen contents it will be easier.

Start by breaking the Nilla Wafers into each liner. (Not too small) You dont need to put the liners in the muffin pan but I did just to hold the shape a little better and for easy transport to the freezer.

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Next, fill the cupcake liner with one of the flavors of pudding.Now you can add bananas or fruit or even more Nilla Wafers if you want. Then pour the alternate flavor of pudding in, all the way to the top. Put into the freezer for about one hour if you are just going to eat out of the liner with a spoon or freeze for 2 hours or more if you want to pop the frozen snack out and reveal the pretty two tone goodness. Add whip cream and a cherry on top.(or banana)



redknight1971 (author)2012-07-22

What a fun snack. Great.

jessyratfink (author)2012-07-21

Very cute! Good way to control portions, too. :D

danlynne07 (author)jessyratfink2012-07-21

Thank you. yes, good point.

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Bio: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.
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