Picture of SnackBot: The Internet Connected Candy Machine!
During the 2013 Bay Area Maker Faire, Electric Imp distributed an astonishing 40-plus pounds of M&Ms with our Internet connected SnackBot. Hundreds of attendees loved it, so we decided to share how we built it.

Our SnackBot is based around the Electric Imp, a hardware, software and cloud-based platform that makes it easy to connect just about anything to the Internet. If you are new to Electric Imp, you can check out our Instructables on Getting Started With the Electric Imp, which will guide you through the process of getting your imp online and running some basic code.

This project involves a bit of soldering (and desoldering), and should take you about 2-3 hours to complete!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts & Supplies

To complete this project, you are going to need the following:
You are also going to need some tools:
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Foam Tape (or other adhesive)
  • An iPhone or Android Phone
sogseal6 months ago

great indestructible! This got me thinking, im trying to make a imp electronic door lock and my issue is to make the DC motor stop after i started it, so with the values you set on the Agent side 0.4,0.8, will test that this weekends. Im glad i ran into this! Thanks man

Hi beardedinventor, your project is nice and wonderful, i want to create it, can i have pdf and program this project. please send article to my email:mohsennoruzi@gmail.com. thankyou
I try it , seems very simple, but mine doesn't want to go !!! Do you use 4 AA batteries?
Thanks for any suggestion.
beardedinventor (author)  linobellone1 year ago
I've used 4xAA batteries, as well as the power cord, and both should work.

Does your imp turn on when it's plugged into the SD socket (it should 'click' in) and you turn the power knob? It should start blinking orange if it's a brand new imp.

Dear beardedinventor,
now is ok!! The Nfet was wrong : was a IRF510PBF and not a IRLB8721PBF, so I changed to the last one and now is worked very fine.
Thank you
I did something very similar to this last year using twitter and searching for the hashtag #candy4greg. A great way of being fed candy at random times, the only issue was getting to the dispenser before the kids did :P
Great Instructable. Now to rework it with something other than the IMP... :-)
wylekat1 year ago
Just as a suggestion... Put in a 'random' button.
mjhungvit2 years ago
So good