For the past 2 months to our local 2600 meeting, I have brought makings for putting together some Throwies (as made famous by Graffiti Research Labs). This month I wanted to get people into thinking outside the box when making the throwies, I brought some blinking led's some 3v buzzers, resisters various voltage leds, and then makings for about 200+ normal throwies. (lots of variations, including Thuddies, and Meepies got made, but the one I did was called a Snaggie.

I live in New Mexico, most of our buildings are made out of Stucco or Adobe, or frame and board. So I was afraid we would run out of good ferris surfaces to "throwie"

Also figuring we would run out of magnets I stopped by the store for some fishing line, and hence the "snaggie" was invented, they work quite well on trees during the winter.

A snaggie is just an LED a battery a loop of fishing line and some tape (these are cheaper to make than throwies due to the lack of a magnet)

Step 1: Bend the LED Legs

One problem of throwies is if someone pulls on the LED it comes out, since i hang the Snaggie with fishing line from the led. I want it to stay together when being pulled/worn/swung/tossed.

So i bend the legs into a JJ shape. (see photohttps://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FJT/BVL2/FCHYNTP8/FJTBVL2FCHYNTP8.MEDIUM.jpg
I could see this being used to decorate a tree at Xmas. Heck, we could use them as Christmas lights!
<p>The long leg goes to positive</p><p>The short leg goes to negative</p><p>:-) Take care!</p>
<p>I believe i said that in the post, although once you have curled them into a JJ shape, its a little harder to see which one is long short (still not too hard) </p>
Okay, Ill bite.. is there a reference to &quot;Thuddies, and Meepies &quot; on the pdf ? cause I sure have no idea what youre talking about...and they sound just as cool
i'd like to see these in action good idea about the plactic slip to keep them off untill use. all in all nice work1
These are really cool throwies. I have been introducing throwies in my area. These are a great way to spread out.
Good idea. I like it.

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