Picture of Snail Painting

Fed up with snails eating your garden? Fancy a bit of artistic creativity?
In this Instructable we will show you how we turned a humble bunch of leaf-munching pests into colourful mobile artworks.

Step 1: Find your snails

Picture of Find your snails

Snails like eating, procreating and doing absolutely nothing. During the day they mostly do the third. You'll find them hiding in clefts of plants, under garden debris,in crevices in walls and so on.
Best to gather a few and then go back for more as you use them up - surprisingly for such inert creatures they can be quite difficult to corral in quantity. Use an old plastic lemonade bottle with the top cut off or similar as a holding-pen.

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holyblizzz3 months ago

This is not art, this is true nastiness projected here towards helpless living beings. Total disrespect. I think this should not be on instructables.com

11richie215 years ago
try salt

Im pretty sure that kills them :/

annz52710 months ago

They would die even faster because of the bright colour that can attract birds, and birds would get poisoned from the paints too..

clockworkdoorbell (author)  annz52710 months ago

Or perhaps they would do better: many animals use bright colours to say 'I'm poisonous!'.

I have been avoiding these guys where I live (acreage with no gardens) and now hopefully I won't step on them once I start putting a few dobs of vehicle touch up paint on their shell. brilliant/ fun idea and I won't tell anyone I'm doing it either haha.

Thanks for the comment! I'd like to see the looks on the faces of others when they spot them...

One time my friend painted a snails shell and let it go free. It ended up in my backyard. She lives 20 minuts away from me
clockworkdoorbell (author)  tobathewolf1 year ago

Wow that's a long way! Is that 20 minutes' walk?

Totysheep4 years ago
seriously fun instructable!!!!
clockworkdoorbell (author)  Totysheep4 years ago
Thanks, it was fun to do
dark sponge5 years ago
This must do wonders to the snails' camouflage! (good luck hiding from predators with a orange and blue checkered shell!)
Maybe the colours trick the birds in thinking that they're poisonous? Besides, they're just snails, they'd probably get eaten either way.
milesduggan4 years ago
I step on them and then paint them.....wait scratch that reverse it.
Timboscoops7 years ago
that is mean beacause a snails shell is supposed to be a shelter and camoflauge from any predators, im sure you would be happy when birds attack the slow moving helpless targets!!!!
I think it's actually unhealthy for them too. I was always told you shouldn't buy painted shells for your hermit crabs because...I guess they'll die. It's actually not good to put acrylic paint on yourself because the heavy metals will find their way into your blood stream.
Non-toxic paint or something like face paint would work!

but the snail shell is hard!
natalie00314 years ago
hmmm... It might be surprising to find a glittery rainbow snail on the ground...awesome instructable! Too bad i only have very very very very small snails in the yard if any. : |
I want to bedazzle one.
OOh, I want to see!
d3monhax0r5 years ago
make some strips of gooo so the snails follow it number the snails then get some friends over and bet on which snail gets to the end of the strip of gooo first =D
Those are hella huge snails! I live in South Texas, and the biggest snail shells I've ever seen in the wild were about the size of a dime.
The snails are Scottish snails - not originally here, but introduced by the Romans a couple of thousand years ago - to eat, same variety as the French eat (escargots). Snails get pretty big in other countries - like the kauri snail in New Zealand (kauri).
Or the Giant African Land Snail!
OOOO! And the Giant Pink Sea Snail!!! ( from the old Dr. DoLittle)
For every one that you paint really colourful, you could paint one camoflaged. It would be cool to see one with digital camo on it lol. Or you could do it red and yellow, or neonish. I think that those are the "danger" colors that preditors look out for.
solo.card5 years ago
I can't believe this is featured.
cloggy015 years ago
Im making one like a eyeball
cloggy015 years ago
WOW! now you should make a tv show called "Pimp My Snail" :D and im so doing this
i did something similar one time when i was a kid, i got a bunch of snails and gave them numbers 1 through 30 and one day my mom was like "Levi why is there a snail with 23 on it's back" and i told her about my little project and she thought it was hilarious! also you can go out during an evening after it has rained and you can totally tag a bunch of snails! it is pretty funny
maditatai5 years ago
i like the blue and green one
Arbitror5 years ago
kevin711277 years ago
led's in snails! nice!
you would have to find and emtpy shellf and wire it al up and find a slug to go in it. it owuld be realy hard to get the slug the right size to fit in it
One problem: Snails are attached to their shells!
or you caould make a throwhi and stick it on the snail.
Or you can super-glue it to the snail. That way it won't croak.
Lol. (all i can 'say')
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