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I'm not sure when the fascination with snails developed, but I've begun to lovingly nurture them in my garden. I think it started with a desire to cook escargot at home.


tobathewolf (author)2014-01-20


hivoltage (author)2011-05-17

I'm not nearly as friendly toward snails, they ate a bunch of my butternut squash seedlings!

poofrabbit (author)2011-05-10

These are some great pictures!!

johnny50 (author)poofrabbit2011-05-11

thanks proofrabbit. I've spent an inordinate amount of early mornings photographing snails.....

mischka (author)2011-05-09

beautiful pictures! Most gardeners dont like snails because they eat their salad :)

johnny50 (author)mischka2011-05-09

And I don't know why I do, but I have certainly been growing them and affording them plenty of food. I went as far as picking some from my dad's nursery and moving them to my herb garden......

nfk11 (author)2011-05-07

hello random person i dont know;)

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