Snake Bone Jewelry





Introduction: Snake Bone Jewelry

this is some of the jewelry i have created it is all handmade from the back bones and ribs of wild rattlesnakes, and only rattlesnakes, i do not use non venomous snakes

these are some of my designs but i just finished my tutorial check it out

also check out the stuff i can do with HIDE



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    Oh, can you do a step-by-step, how you prepare and mount the bones etc?

    here ya are kiteman sorry for the wait i had to wait for a snake to come see me

    I'm confused on where the "how to" is for this? Or are you just a show off?

    ill post some more on the subject, i mostly wanted to see exactly WHAT people wanted to know it takes weeks for some of the stuff i do so its hard to just write about of the top of my head

    Very, very cool. Looking forward to seeing how you do this.

    Ask your parents. I use the website Shopify. I don't have to pay a percentage. Only a monthly fee.

    well ill have to work on that i dont have a bank account so i have no credit card to set up an etsy account but i will work on that, subscribe to me and ill show you how sometime ill work on a way to sell you some