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Finally finished exams and have managed to write up this instructable!

Here we have a 'folded up' didgeridoo. It works out at about 1.4 meters long. It makes it easier to travel around with.

I ran into something similar on YouTube. 

I've entered this instructable into the Epilog Challenge. If you like it, please vote.
If I was lucky enough to win a prize I'd use it to help develop a business making electric violins and other instruments.
Thanks :)

Step 1: Design and research

Picture of Design and research
You'll need an idea of the size, the shape and some idea of what wood you might want to use. 

Firstly, I started by finding as many pictures as I could. Also, in looking for some pics I ran into a website where there sizes of the instrument, and a bit more info on how others had made them. This is the link to Yoram Sivan's website. 

Also, this instructable by dimdiode proved to be very useful for a methodology for constructing the didge. 

So, after searching around I drew my own design. The template is as above. The Didge was going to be 40 x 25cm. This worked out at about 141 cm long. I decided that about 7 cm would be suitable width.

After this I managed to get hold of some wood. The darker was Walnut from a local joiners and the light was Pine which I picked up at the local DIY store. The Pine was 3.5 cm thick by about 5 cm wide. This allowed the two halves to be made separately and then glued together.

If you could manage to put up an electric didge instructable that would be awesome! I have been looking for one of those for forever!
Toms Workshop (author)  conquistadorjordan10 months ago


Dunno if you've seen this one:

Probably not quite what you're looking for but still awesome!

j-mar1 year ago
Hey mate looks great, my only concerns are with your internal dimensions it looks like a pretty big bore. How's the back pressure? Also pine seems pretty soft for a Didge? And vids of you playing it?
Toms Workshop (author)  j-mar10 months ago


Really sorry for not replying to everyone. Things have been very hectic this year for me and I haven't been keeping up with Instructables as much as I'd have liked, sorry.

The bore isn't too bad, gets some really nice resonance. Same with the back pressure, it's a little harder to get it reverberating than a normal didge but it's just a slightly different style of playing.

True, the pine really wasn't the best wood to use. I'd have much rather got hold of some nice hard wood but monies prevented that at the time :( Hoping to have a go at making another soon using some decent hard wood :)

Hopefully get a vid up soon! Looks like I''l have time to put one together now :)

slangel made it!11 months ago

Thanks for the instructable, it inspired me to try it

So i made one from Amaranth (purple wood), Pine, Tigerwood, Acacia.
Has become more edgy than I wanted, but it works.
Now I have to learn circular breathing only ...^^

greetings from Germany :)

Toms Workshop (author)  slangel10 months ago


Greetings from the UK! Wow, that's awesome, nice one :) Glad my Instructable was useful. I love the combination of woods you have used. The lizard is quality, I was thinking of having a go at wood burning a similar pattern into mine... think you might have inspired me! :)

Nice to hear from you.

flyingpuppy2 years ago
So much work!! Nice job.
BrittLiv2 years ago
I have never heard of a snake didgeridoo before. It looks great! Any chance, that we can hear how yours sounds?
Toms Workshop (author)  BrittLiv2 years ago
I'll try and get a video up this evening. I have been meaning to for a while, watch this space :)
Oceanman822 years ago
Dude, awesome idea. Did it end up sounding good?
Toms Workshop (author)  Oceanman822 years ago
Thanks very much, It sounds pretty good. Quite different to the normal didgeridoo I have. I'll try and get a video up this evening.
billbillt2 years ago
MrChay2 years ago
This method could be used to make a lovely set of hifi speakers as well!
Toms Workshop (author)  MrChay2 years ago
They would be pretty epic! let me know if you plan to have a go, I'd be interested in seeing the finished result.
bob30302 years ago
With this innovation dare I say the didgery doo will become common place in marching bands! You got my vote!
Toms Workshop (author)  bob30302 years ago
Thanks very much :)
Gregbot2 years ago
Nice! Thank you!
zigzagchris2 years ago
Beautiful job Tom! I also own a didge and have looked into making a nice one but have always been turned off by materials and my bad tools. Good job doing it
Toms Workshop (author)  zigzagchris2 years ago
Hope you get a chance to have a go at making one. It was really good fun!
Love it tom.
Toms Workshop (author)  joelsprayberry2 years ago