Would you or child like to be Snake Eyes for Halloween this year? I found my supplies around the house and whipped up this little beauty to show that you don't have to pay the big bucks to get a good costume piece. With some extra effort it could even be comic convention worthy :) Mostly I was trying to copy the piece that comes with a store bought costume. And yes that is a t-shirt ninja hood :P

Step 1: Stuff We Need

Here's what we need

Clean empty 2 liter soda bottle
Anti-static bag (for computer parts) OR reflective cellophane wrap
2 tops from frozen juice cans ( I made one without these first and it looked alright)
piece of paper (to make pattern)
Sticky back hook and loop tape (Velcro)
Black elastic - optional
Black nail polish
Silver paint marker
Black Sharpie marker

We also need these

Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Craft scissors (not your good ones)
Utility knife

Note: You may be able to get a few static bags from a small computer repair shop - or a techie friend.
not on the old cartoon anyway not aloud to see movie :(
snake eyes doesnt talk
yojoe!<br />

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