Snake Jump is an attraction in Froggy World (the amusement park for adventurous frogs) where frogs climb up through a snake and jump out onto a trampoline

The snake body is made from 2 feet of 1 5/8 inch diameter plastic tubing.  The head was formed using craft foam, glue and paint.

The angle support to hold the snake upright was 3d printed:


but it could be cut from wood or cardboard.

Froggy doesn't like to admit it, but if you look closely, you'll see a yellow stripe down the back.

Step 1:

Start by fastening the angle support to the tube--this means drilling a hole through the top of the tube that is large enough to fit a screw and washer.

Add another screw at the end of the tail to support the snake body.
<p>Very Cute!</p>
The frog's like &quot;I WANT OUT!!!&quot;

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