Snake & Small Animal Restraining Device





Introduction: Snake & Small Animal Restraining Device

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This is a simple device like those used by animal control that can help you catch small or large animals. The string is manually tightened around the neck of the animal. Enough to secure it, but not injure it. This is made of PVC pipe and normal string.The video is of me messing around with it on a toy snake. Always be careful when dealing with wild animals. The size of the pipe and the string could be changed to meet the purposes.



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    if you used .095 trimmer line that should be stiff enough to keep it open, strong enough to hold the animal, and felxible enough to hold tight

    Nice. maybe some stiffer string/rope will help the noose stay open better making this easier to use.

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    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Thanks

    Were you just thinking bull snakes for this?

    Yeah. If they were aggresive we could slip this over thier head easily

    It is easier to use a hook to watch their heads and pick them up by the tails. Unless they were out in the open and not under a bunch of rocks this would most likely work, but otherwise I am not sure how affective it would be.

    Those toy snakes are mean little beasts, this will come in handy :-)

    (where I am from we have only 2 types of snakes, of which only one is (barely - as in bad bee sting) poisonous. but we have plenty of toy snakes)

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    Yeah, I lost a dog to one of those toy snakes.... Just kidding. Where do yo live?

    I am from Denmark (hence the dk in my nickname)

    I was trying to look up which snakes (or rather, their english names) as I thought it was a black adder and a viper - but it seems those are technically the same snake according to wikipedia ( and google translates "snog og hugorm" (danish names seperated by danish "and") into "snake and viper" which ofcourse is technically correct, but kinda weird (we do have an actual word for "snake" too; "slange")

    There you go, probably more than you wanted to know, and likely I got some details wrong :-)

    Its all good man. thats pretty cool

    Plastic snakes could very well be the cause of more accidents than our snakes are (ours will be gone long before most kids/pets can get their hands on them and try to swallow them :-) I of course have absolutely no numbers to back this statement up