Picture of Snake Tube
The snake tube is a really easy, safe way the collect snakes. It uses the basic instincts of a snake to get it into a bag with practically zero effort. 

Best used along with a Hook Stick (You can find a link to building one by clicking here),  the snake tube will allow minimal stress and hazard to the snake (and to you) during collection. 

Also, by clicking here you'll find a How-to on catching snakes.

Firstly, and most importantly, we need to clear the air on a few things:

1) This is more a report on how I made my snake tube as opposed to how to make the best one - This means that some parts are optional and won't have much influence on the finished project if you decide to leave them out - use your own discretion. It's not the cheapest, nor does it follow the general trend in snake collecting gear. More on this later.
2) The gear doesn't make you an expert - Get to know the snake tube and get to know how it should be used. Practice on rubber snakes, thick ropes or harmless species before trying your hand at venomous snakes.
3) Obviously certain snake species are dangerous, remember that at all times, and treat every snake with the respect they deserve. Don't catch snakes if you don't need to. Unless it's for extraction or for research, leave them alone.

The snake tube in it's most simple form is a wide tube that is put in the entrance of a bag. When a snake feels threatened, it naturally wants to get to shelter. By using the snake tube, you are playing with this instinct and the snake will almost always enter the tube by itself. All you really need to make a snake tube is, well, a tube... This Instructable will show how to make a good one though.
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Pippikins2 years ago
This is great! my husband and I do wildlife rehab and we occasionally get calls about snakes. It should definitely come in handy. thank you.