Snake Water Gun


Introduction: Snake Water Gun

This just like stone paper scissor. Both the players should keep the gestures simultaneously. The snake drinks the water, the gun shoots the snake, and gun has no effect on water.



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    Why you shouldn't post instructables whilst stoned.

    "Yeah...and like... the water? It like... urrrrrr.... rusts the gun... n stuff. Cool huh?"

    EDIT: you JUST HAVE TO edit it :)

    ---sorry for that mistake ;)---

    I am still waiting to see more by curiosity ;)

    Sorry but what the point? Maybe you wanted to see how many view you can obtain by just putting a single enigmatic slide :) you are good! I was allways wondering too :D

    This is a good way to check the minimum value that people needs to take off from their own view score - kuind of zero level-... Some of mine are reaching really low score then :D


    If this is a true instructables... This one needs a lot more information and illustration as the previous comment was pointing out. you edit it :)

    What are the hand gestures?