Snake on LED MATRIX (BT)





Introduction: Snake on LED MATRIX (BT)

Hi everyone!

Today i will show you how to make SNAKE on led matrix with BT controller ( everything is better with BT ).

Step 1: Materials

We need:

- 4 matrix modules with max7219 ( I use MOD-39 )
- BT module

- arduino UNO

- photoframe RIBBA from IKEA

- red foil to make better effect

- some smartphone

Step 2: Electronics

Everything is on the pictures :)

Step 3: Programs

I write simple programm for arduino in clear C.

For smartphone app i use appInventor.

Files to downloads are in pictures.

Step 4: Finish

Here is simple movie with game.

I use this led display to create others stuffs like: game of life display or simple image display :)

Visit my Youtube Channel and simple blog.



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    14 Discussions

    Hi author,

    I found these error when building your code. Please tell me where I can add these libraries and solve this problem. Thank you so much!

    error atmel.png
    4 replies

    Why You have *.ino files? This is problem with project settings. This is not arduino. Create empty C project to atmega328p and write simple blink to make sure that project settings are ok, then copy my sources. Now you try use arduino libraries. I can send you .hex file with program to test.

    I followed your steps, and this is result. Did I miss something?

    error 1atmel.png

    Why You have arduino 1.6 in settings? I will make some movie tutorial for You tomorrow, ok?

    No, it's just an extention, and I do nothing with it. I create a new C Execute project, then add your code file. I'm waiting for your tutorial clip, everything will be clear. Thanks for your support. ^^

    Hey Atmel studio is free :)

    4 replies

    May I have see your circuits?
    Because I am afraid that I follow below scheme can not run with your code.


    You must use this pinout:
    because I use hardware SPI

    May you explain more specific about this thread?
    I am newbie so it still has a lot of strange concept. Can I add your skype ID?

    Really? Ok, thanks a lots.

    Hey, my programm is in clear C, not in arduino IDE. You should use atmel sudio or eclipse with avr toolchain. I use arduino only as hardware platform.

    Hey friend, I found that atmel studio is not free, but I want another one to be free. Is there any other software can build your code? Please help.

    I thought I can use arduino IDE to upload your code to arduino.
    Thank you very much.