Snake Scarf


Introduction: Snake Scarf

The darling snake scarf I made for the Lion Brand Slideshow Challenge, out of 100% wool. Risk of felting, yes, but I like the fuzzy nature of the real wool. Wool-ease could easily be substituted, but I don't think it would be as nice.

The pattern is by Kris Percival, "wiggly worm scarf" though i think it resembles a snake much more closely. It's a quick knit and I just love it to pieces. It appears in many of Kris' books/kits, including the knit knack kit and knitting pretty.

He knit up in a jiffy on size 8 straight knitting needles, and the stockingette made him curl up like a dream.



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    tooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool needs a little red tongue

    heya is this the summer scarf variation of the snake belt? because thats the only snakey thingy I can see in this book? If it is, have you sewn a seam down the belly of the snake? thanks

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    oh---and no seam. it's knit in stockingette so it curls naturally.

    I don't have the book -- I have the kits. It's called a "wiggly worm" scarf in Kris' patterns.

    Very cool! You could even make a version with legs and feet, and it could be a great lizard!

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    omg that would be AWESOME. great idea!!

    hi there kitty, as i said to another commenter, unfortunately it's a published pattern so sharing it would violate copyright laws. if you've done much knitting, it wouldn't be hard to figure out since it's pure stockingette with some strategic increases and decreases, but it does appear in many of Kris Percival's books/kits, including the knit knack kit and knitting pretty, so I encourage of you to pick either of those up if you like it! She has many great and simple patterns. Sorry!

    thanks all! i do think he's darling, and he's also quite warm (not sure why i've decided the snake is male, but anyway...) the next incarnation will definitely have a tiny felt forked tongue. :)


    This is great im in the process of making this right now actually and i was going to turn it into the snake as well, Mine is red, i love that little kit ive made the mouse in it too.


    It's seriously awesome!

    that is adorable!

    hmmm.. could you possibly disclose the pattern? :)

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    i think maybe that's copyright infringement, since the pattern is published... but it's a pretty straightforward stockingette scarf to make it curl, with increasing/decreasing to make the ends act like a snake...

    Awesome scarf! What else can I say?

    Fabulously cute! All he needs is a little forked tongue. ;)

    Wow, that is amazingly done!
    He looks great, and I do agree, he looks cute.
    Though I never say the word cute, I just had to say it on this Instructable.
    Well, SlideShow.
    Great job!