Introduction: Snap Circuits Super-Simple Capacitor/Light/Rechargeable Battery

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This is a really simple light, battery charge reader, capacitor charger, and if you like watching a pointer go up and down then its also a game.

If you are wondering how it recharges batteries, then follow the following bonus.

BONUS: How to charge a battery in this.

You can substitute the B4 for a B1 and then put the positive jumper wire from the solar panel on to the positive contact, wait a very short while and voila! Your charger is made!

Step 1: The Parts

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You will need:

2 slide switches (or more if you want to substitute some press switches for slide ones)

1 Solar Panel (B7)

1 3.6 volt Battery (B4)

1 Hand Crank (HC)

1 3 Way switch (S5)

3 Press switches (S2)

1 Meter (M6)

2 470uf capacitors

1 100uf capacitor

1 LED (I used D5

Some 1-snap wires

Some 2-snap wires

Some 3-snap wires

Some other snap wires (up to 6-snap)

Lots of fun

That's it!

UPDATE: I forgot to add that you need some short jumper wires-about 3.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Use the pictures for help...

I built this before I took pics of the circuit...

Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused

There is a more basic version of it above (took before I knocked all the pieces off the board)

Step 3: Enjoy!!!!

If you made this, please do comment down below and enjoy your new circuit!

Also if you feel you have improved it, please let me know by typing in the comment section below!!




DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-07-16

I love these kinds of electronics prototyping tools. Things like snap circuits are how I first got into electronics.

I'm now getting into electronics via Snap Circuits. Do you know of any other potential electronics kits for beginners?

Unfortunately most of the kits that I used as a kid are no longer manufactured.

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