Step 5: One Last Trip to the Drawing Board

As I was playing with the cardboard panels, trying different ways of putting them together, it was clear that they were too square.  It was difficult to tell which was the vertical axis and which was the horizontal one.  I squeezed them in the computer so that they became 13" x 15".  I cut a couple samples out in 'plywood' (really mdf with a veneer on the outside).  Much better...   
When I first built my CNC Router at home I couldn't get it going faster than 20some inches a minute either. I had acme screws and I used a computer power supply to power the stepper motors. I wasn't happy with that so I got a HobbyCNC 3 axis drive and a used Acopian power supply, of the correct voltage and amps, on ebay. The difference was amazing! I can rapid traverse at over 100 inches a minute and can cut as fast as the cutter can handle. As far as losing steps and cutting a part that doesn't resemble what you drew I found out that you have to tune your stepper motors properly. Trial and error motor tuning worked for me.
I just upgraded to a gecko G540 driver and it's a whole new world. Now my rapids are up to 75imp. The motors are running way smoother too. I'm still having some non-reproducible errors though.
Gecko drives are much better than HobbyCNC drives. I didn't know about Gecko when I built my machine and the HobbyCNC only cost me $35. I had to solder them though.
I like home interior design and creative design and would like to make proper room divider to create more private space and showing my favorate taste. Your divider seems great.
Thanks.<br>Let me know if you have any questions. <br>Love to see pics of the finished product.
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Holy cow this is GORGEOUS!! It reminds me of those Eames childrens playing cards that had slits in them so you could stack them together. Makes me wish I had a CNC!! Excellent 'able.
Just checked out the Eames cards. They are cool. I like the images too. I can't wait to see what happens when more people have access to CNC machines. We've barely scratched the surface of the potential they offer.

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