Picture of Snare Drum
Another Garage-Band instrument! Add pennies to your favorite metal can - size anywhere from coffee-can to wash-bin - and make 'em zing.
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Step 1: Parts Layout

Picture of Parts Layout
1 Can

some pennies (50 - 500 depending on can size)

screwdrivers or other improvised drum sticks

ear plugs?

Step 2: Put the Snare in your Snare Drum

Picture of Put the Snare in your Snare Drum
Add the roll of pennies to the top of the tin can

Step 3: Play Drum

Picture of Play Drum
yup, it's that easy. Add/subtract pennies to find your sound. Pennies will bounce (that's how the sound is made!) and occasionally fall out. So, everytime you play you might lose a few cents. This might be a good bargaining point when trying to get a paying gig around town.
orvis6 years ago
I did this with a plastic 1-gallon bucket. I hot-glued a mouse-pad to the top of it. It ended up sounding almost exactly like a snare.
zrune186 years ago
another good alternative is having a can.....some change and get rubber pads about 1/2" thick and put them on top with the change inside the can....then its not as loud but the pennies bounce more and it sounds great
Namonos7 years ago
whow!! so cool one one hand but not so cool on the other
witey27 years ago
instead of having the pennies on top, you should put them into the coffee can and beat on the top of the lid...but thanks it helped me with a science project.
mawwwm7 years ago
my 11 year old son did this last year as he waited for me to find a set i could afford...actually he had cookie tins lined up on the floor in his room and had change in one, something else in another..all to make different sounds...i found a banged up set for xmas and he's been playing them eversince...and he's been promoted to the Grade 8 band...and he's only supposed to be in Grade 6....sometimes being creative can be inspiring i guess...i like this project!
talleu7 years ago
um try making a cardbord drum kit and using packing tape for the skin
jimsinspace8 years ago
its a good start but i think you couldv'e loved this one a little bit better...i.e. string the pennies together beaded neckchains work too. anyway its got me thinkin and i like that.
i think this should also work if you put the pennies inside the can, and hold the can off the ground, with a stand lashed tegether with, say, strips of innertubing. now. how do you make decent hihats?