With all the cool jewelry you'll be making from the instructables in this contest, you'll need a place to keep it. This snazzy looking wooden box does a perfect job of keeping everything organized. It can also be used for things beyond jewelry storage (I use mine to hold change). Although the segmented turning method for the box looks difficult and complicated, this instructable includes a few tips to simplify the construction. This box can make a great gift too.

Step 1: Materials Used for the Box

Materials used include:

- 1 maple screw plug button

- 2 purple heart pen blanks

- 2 padauk pen blanks

- 4 black walnut pen blanks

Pen blank size is 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"

WARNING: Always wear a dust mask and face shield when machining exotic and domestic woods. Purple heart's dust has been known to cause nausea.
very nice piece. I really need to get myself a small lathe!
Very noce post. I'm just learning to turn and will give this a try very soon. <br>Agree that tools must be sharp so my second project after my first bowl was a sharpening jig.
Made this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend
Very awesome instruct able. I've always wanted to know how to do something like this and now thanks to you I do :). I think I'll give it a go next time I have enough purple heart and black walnut, the stuff I did have went towards making my coffee table.
Oh, something I should mention if you want to try this, make sure your tools are sharp enough. On my first try it violently de-laminated, lol!
I've sung that song before. =)
Do you have any pictures of this coffee table? It sounds really cool!<br>
All the lathe tools have been freshly sharpened as I'm planning on turning a bowl tomorrow, so hoping that won't happen but I'm still very much learning how to turn so you never know. :)<br><br>As for the table no pics yet hopefully it'll be at a stage soon were it looks good. I'd been given a hunk of purple heart and black walnut about as big as what you need for your box as a gift. I cut them down to about quarter inch strips and used it line some groves I'd cut in the surface of the table with a router. Also used a chunk of purple heart as a dutchmans patch to fill in a big missing chunk.
That is fantastic, awesome job. I wish to get a miter saw and lathe, this makes me so jealous.
Wood-turning is a very fun and rewarding hobby to get into!

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