This slideshow is a sneakpreview for my soon to be posted L96A1 and a COD 5 Raygun
I already know im going to post the L96A1, but should I post the Raygun? that is up to you guys
About the L96A1, this is the 0.90 version, it is not finished yet, so it is not yet real bolt action, that really is quite complicated
credit for motaboi's bipod that I used in a photo and the tactical rail idea
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made it it is EPIC 5*
459 - Copy.jpg
How many green rods does it need
The Ible for both of these are posted. Check those out for piece lists.
rheath23 years ago
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headshothoncho (author)  rheath23 years ago
Dropped your jaw on your keyboard?
noneedto3 years ago
hey man, if you would slide a dark gray connector over your ramrod, you already have made a real BOLT action :P

just an idea
headshothoncho (author)  noneedto3 years ago
already done in the realismic mod which I plan on posting at the very start of summer vacation. Right now I'm like REALLY busy with school. (and my girlfriend demands a lot of time too xD )
I built this but it wasn't powerful
headshothoncho (author)  sharpbike1233 years ago
That probably is because of your rubber bands, I used monster sized ones to get about 10 meters range out of it aimed horizontaly
Please post instructions!!
headshothoncho (author)  ChrisHasABomb4 years ago
Instructions are posted some time ago:
lemonpickle4 years ago
hey im sorry about all the spam crap that me and you did about r rayguns lets just stop and i also like your l96a1
headshothoncho (author)  lemonpickle4 years ago
ok, i'm kinda sorry too xD
lemonpickle4 years ago
sorry but ur rayGun isnt that great
spricer9884 years ago
nice black ops ray gun .... do u have black ops for ps3 or xbox
headshothoncho (author)  spricer9884 years ago
XBOX360, but I can't go online
spricer9884 years ago
no offence but i sort of like motabois bipod a tad better
headshothoncho (author) 4 years ago
The Ible for this is almost done (finally) i had tonnes of homework, presentations and as a bonus I have been sick for a total length of 16 days. but the ible is almost up
bacp034 years ago
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headshothoncho (author)  bacp034 years ago
almost done with the ible, should be up next week!
TLF934 years ago
i lkie it nice job n can u put a pic of the scope cuz i wanna make it n its hard 2 c it in the picz wht all the piece are on the scope *5* stars
headshothoncho (author)  TLF934 years ago
Well, your problem is gonna be solved really soon, cause the instructions are almost done, and I plan to post it later this week =D
and thnx for 5*!
Looks great! But a few things for the final version: The gun should be longer. It seems as though its been squished a little bit. The handle is a little off too, but it's good enough for me.
headshothoncho (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
i have done a barrel extension for the final 1.00 version of three more connections, but the handle is going to be a larger problem.
soon it will be posted soon, so i am not sure if i am going to fix the handle in version 1.00, maybe in version 1.01
Cool! The handle is fine.
headshothoncho (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
hello, a (pretty) late response, but I have to tell you that the length on the photos is the maximum ADVISED length, sure you can make it longer but your accuracy goes down a lot per extra con. so it is not advised to do so. but sure u can if u want =D
bennyboy964 years ago
when are the instructions comin out
headshothoncho (author)  bennyboy964 years ago
I have a large part for the L96A1 done, and I am working on the ible for the raygun now =D
tthomasvd4 years ago
i like your ray gun :D
knexguy4 years ago
This is very nice, annoying that you managed to post before me though :)

I probably shouldn't procrastinate as much (I'm sure a large portion of the community will agree).
headshothoncho (author)  knexguy4 years ago
thnx =D, but yours looks amazing too :P
No, my old one was awful, I'm working on another (albeit very slowy).
headshothoncho (author)  knexguy4 years ago
oooh, I get it =D
MegaMetal84 years ago
That is a amazing gun (L96A1) 5*

Brilliant, I didn't know you were this good at knex
headshothoncho (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago
thanks! =D
The L96A1 is really good. 5*s. BTW It's kind of hard to tell if your really happy with someone's comment because your picture is a frown face, lol.
xD yeah I know =D
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