Did you miss your chance to buy that last ticket? No problem, lets enter that sold out venue!

These instructions do not involve anything exotic like somehow finding blue prints for the building or some sort of optical illusion. And no, you won't need to find a trash can. While I do consider myself a semi professional dumpster diver, digging through the garbage just prior to entering an event is less than appealing. It directly contradicts the first step of this project. I don't mean any offense to these two linked projects - the time spent on each is obvious.

Step 1: Dress for Success

Dressing up as you did for your awkward prom night probably isn't a good idea when entering a venue in broad daylight. In similar fashion, a fine arts museum will attract a more stereotypically sophisticated crowd where description phrases like "hip and with it" or "stinky cheese and wine" apply.

For this venue, the de Young fine arts museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, we penetrate the elite wearing a cream colored button down shirt (no need to tuck in), blue jeans and a somewhat leather messenger bag. The blue jeans say I'm relaxing while the button down shirt says I'm ready for business - lets get cultured.

The messenger bag is also important - we'll explore this in the next steps.

It should go without saying - but smelling like a urine soaked alcove in a bad neighborhood of town is completely out of the question.
So what kinds of great food can we find in the dumpsters?
what the hell is up with your bike?<br />
Nothing :p It's a completely fine bike<br /> Here's a better picture...<br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_make_DIY_Bike_Panniers/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/How_to_make_DIY_Bike_Panniers/</a><br />
looks comfortable<br />
&quot;testicular fortitude&quot;<br /> That means having balls, right?<br />
yeah<br />
i like the just drink with your left hand thing, but at rams head they stamp both your hands, and I can't open a beer with my feet yet.
hand sanitizer will take it off
Instead of drinking with your left hand, just go to the bathroom and wash your hands
A lot of times its permanent marker that they use, so just water wont work, however.... Hand sanitizer, the stuff with alcohol in it(this is important), will remove permanent marker.
Hydrofluoric acid? That's pretty harsh, sign of the times I guess.
Haven't been to the de Young in a while, but if I remember correctly, they let me in for free last time because I had a Bank of America card...
Gee, just a little angry in step 4? ;-) About Bright Futures: Most everyone I know who had that ends up losing it because they let their grades slip, once again enforcing my belief that if you give someone something for free, they don't value it. Good thing it's paid for by a tax on stupid people.
I still have my Bright Futures after 4 years; I'll have it through my 132 credits. But I have a relatively easy major -- just about anyone I know in a more challenging major lost it. :/
Urg... I was academically eligible for it (Well, the Hope Scholarship up here in GA) but lacked the 1 yr citizenship requirement... we'd just gotten our permanent resident status 8 months prior, after going through a 10 yr application process. Quite incidentally, by the time I had the residency requirement... I was no longer academically eligible... Ironically, because I had to work because I was having trouble paying for everything; which didn't help when I already had bad study habits and was going to a hard-@55 school- GA Tech... funny how these things work out.
I still have it :D
As do I. By the way, what's the story of the bike in your profile picture? I walk by it every day in the lobby of the Engineering Building at UCF?
It's a human powered vehicle - we build it for competition... <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.primitiveengineering.com/ucfhpv/">http://www.primitiveengineering.com/ucfhpv/</a> - I should update a few things on there :p<br/><br/>If you're interested in joining or want more details, hit me up on eMail<br/>trebuchet03 at gmail dot com... Or try and flag me down, I'm the guy with the crazy yellow recumbent bike on campus.<br/>
I was on Cal Poly's HPV team for five years. Good stuff. Didn't hurt that we won a lot too. heh. Bike looks nice!
One time I saw a guy hop the fence into a Seattle music festival (called Bumbershoot) where they check every one for a ticket. The guy seemed to have done a good job scoping the place out. The spot had some large trees nearby which helped keep the area dark. There were a few food vendors nearby too. The most notable thing is that there was an empty information booth nearby. There wasn't any security watching the area because there <em>should</em> have been some employees there. Everyone in the area stopped what they were doing and watched him. There really wasn't a better place to bust in. His testicular fortitude was very impressive.<br/>
I am sad I didn't get to see the blown glass stuff, but I was nervous enough as it was. ;) I was merely leeching the testicular fortitude from you guys. I guess that's another way to get in, though! Go with those braver than you.
hmm i must remember some of those tricks. i work part time as a security guard. lol though its not at a museum just a hockey arena/concert venue. good instructable as usual .
Did you end up going back? Or are all the glass pictures taken from the internets?
Nope - every picture here is my own ;)

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