Sneaky Drink a Beer Anywhere





Introduction: Sneaky Drink a Beer Anywhere

Ever wanted to have a nice frosty beverage but it may be "looked down upon"? Here's an easy way to make a covert beer can. Detailed instructions after the video. DISCLAIMER: Do not drink alcholic beverages anywhere it is illegal! Drink responsibly.

Step 1: Grab a Soda Can...

I chose the well known cola brand for this disguise but any soda or drink can should work.

Step 2: Tools...

All you need is a can opener, a pair of strong scissors and and file.

Step 3: Step 1

First pop the top from your empty soda can and then using the can opener, cut off the entire top of the soda can. Don't cut yourself!

Step 4: Step 2

Using the can opener again, cut off the bottom of the can. Don't cut yourself again.

Step 5: Step 3

Now using your scissors (or tin snips) make a cut into the bottom of the can and then cut along the edge to remove the entire bottom of the can. Did I say don't cut yourself?

Step 6: Step 4

Look for the seam on the can and then cut the can in half from the bottom to the top. If you cut yourself, get some band-aids.

Step 7: Disguise the Beer...

Coil up the covert can cover nice and tight and slip it over the beer or other beverage and you're done! Have fun, be safe. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable.



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    Finally now I can drink everywhere

    Could we just pour the beer into the coke can instead? LMAO I know, I know it is for multiple uses...

    Sure...if you like beer that tastes like coke.

    dart is smart however i am doing this as i am under 18 so im useing this to desquize sodas as juce

    That's a good idea, if you go to a school that bans sodas...

    That doesn't seem too bad, actually.

    Actually, some beers already have coke in it.

    Rum and coke =/= beer. lol

    which? actually i know 1 bacaRDI AND coke lol