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Introduction: Sniper Mod

About: Some kid that likes creating things or viewing them to see the science behind them.

Step 1: New Butt (Ha)

Make this.

Step 2: Extend the Barrel

Just add on to last barrel
Then connect it with this stand
Your done, now get a cover and act like your a sniper

Step 3: Credits

Thanks Beddbug2 for the first rbg that shoot bullets



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    how do you make the scope mod

    ya i made this and put a scope on but i didnt know how to shoot it so it was hard to load but it was so freakin powerfyul i put a hole in my bedroom wall

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    HOW this shoots rounded ammo and it is not that powerful, (unless your house is made of cardboard.)

    i put a nice hole in my wall with this, the barrel i had extended about 2 times longer then what this mod says and i had one of those old punching baloon rubber bands, i had also modified the clip to shoot longer bullets...taught my wall a lesson lol.

    Its those little K'nex toys this person made to look like a sniper rifle, No clue what it means by "mod" though.

    LOL!!! You don't know what a mod is?? :-| ...  ....... XD. OH MY GOD!! I'm sorry, I reely am sorry, but I think  every body should know what a k'nex gun modification is by now. I am certain that you sir, is way too smart to not know what a mod is. I'm not calling you arogant or stupid or anything like that, so don't take it the wrong way.



    i built it -_- and it snapped in half right beetween my arm like a alligator >:O ow

    the whole gun just exploded... lol... might have to make the barrel smaller like, awesome look tho

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    That joke stopped being funny when I first joined.

    a jear ago was this my best gun :P bud now is it nothing more than a piece knex i give you 4 stars ;)

    Hi have any of you guys been in a knex gun fight btw 04bobby1 never say first comment.

    5 replies

    yes and a sharpened rod pieced my ear

    your mad we put blue tac on the end of our guns so it doesent ruin the house

    nah, i like it when you can shoot somone and it hurts:P

    well, now you can wear earrings /:l