Pause... listen.
That's the sound of children playing.
How sweet.
Now listen to the words and wait.


Time for a 1/2 hour mix and make.

You will need
Household Borax powder (sold in the eco section of big supermarkets)
PVA glue
green food colouring
one jam jar and lid per child

Step 1: Mix Up a Borax Solution

First of all stir up a borax solution.
Take one cup, add some warm water and one tablespoon of borax. Stir.
Let it sit whilst you measure out the rest of the stuff so that any excess settles to the bottom.

Do be careful, Borax whilst in powder form is a little toxic so avoid breathing in the dust. Once it’s in water though, it’s about as toxic as salt… which is more toxic than you might think, ask slugs.

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