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Introduction: Snow Castle

About: Outdoorsy guy.. I like just about anything to do with building. I get such satisfaction from doing things and seeing them done well. It seems i am always making things, but I can never remember to take pic...

Decided to put this together one night, sorry for only finished pics, but we weren't thinking about it until after!

It was made with hand saws and small shovels, in the span of about 4 hours.  Really the only way to carve a proper castle!

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    where i live normaly isnt that mutch snow, but this winter!! like 5 foot snow :)

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    Awesome! I think we only got about a foot for this one, we just pulled from a large area to make the pile to carve. I think that took almost as long as it did to carve it!

    that is so awesome! here in Vancouver we didnt get any snow this winter, mind you I* can barely make a snow man, once again good work

    That was a great time. It's amazing that we thought we were only out there for a couple hours, but it was def like 4 or 5 hours.

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    Maybe! It was such fun, and we weren't keeping track of time at all!

    My brother and I are 6 feet and some and we are both standing. So you can figure how big this castle is.

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    Yeah I put that on the picture!

    hahaha this looks great! welldone! We don't usually get all that much snow where i live in the UK... So you have made me quite envious! hehe

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    Thanks! We actually shoveled snow from a large area, and then piled it up. We cleared it away from the castle to make it better for the picture!