Just a tiny bit of seasonal sweet stuff! Introducing my Snow Drift Cakes with laser cut shovel spoons: putting the fun back in shoveling since 2014!


  • white cake batter (whatever your favorite recipe is)
  • paper cupcake cups
  • 2 (12x) cupcake pans = 24 cupcakes
  • cream cheese icing (your favorite recipe)
  • powdered sugar
  • shredded coconut
  • laser cut shovel spoons
  • optional: yellow food coloring

Step 1: White Cake Cupcakes

Make your favorite white cake recipe and fill 21* cupcake cups 3/4 way full with cake batter.

*A fun optional game of sorts will make up the other 3 cupcakes if you're up for it!

<p>very cute. can u recommend an alterative to coconut shavings? most of my family cannot stand coconut.</p>
Totally cool but seriously who has a laser sitting around their house!?
<p>Thank you for sharing this. I have saved it so I can make it for my son and nieces someday....maybe this Easter actually :)</p>
<p>this is soo amazingggggg</p>
<p>Thanks! </p>
<p>the yellow snow drifts are kinda salty.</p>
<p>gah! you're the most creative person in the whole world! I LOVE all your 'ibles! </p>
<p>I love your style in almost everything! Very cute :-)</p>
<p>Thanks shazni! I just checked out your stuff and it's awesome. Look forward to seeing more!</p>
These are great! Wish I'd seen them sooner so I would've had time to make enough shovels!
<p>Thanks! And there's always next year! Like early January... :)</p>
Soo cool! I voted for you!
So cool
I don't often use this word with sincerity, but those are ADORABLE! Love the yellow snow idea!
<p>Thanks BoozyBarista! Happy Holidays!</p>

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