Want to make some cool fabric? It's as easy as just adding snow and fiber reactive dyes to material.


Here are the supplies needed to complete this project:

• natural fiber material – I used cheap muslin and canvas
• Dharma Textile Detergent or Synthrapol
• bucket for soda ash water
• soda ash
• cup and teaspoon – only used for crafts
• dust mask, goggles, gloves
• rubber bands
• containers to dye material in (plastic shoe boxes, kitty litter boxes, etc.)
• Procion MX dyes
• snow
• bucket for snow and scoop or your hands
• plastic bags to cover dyed containers
• towels to clean up
• warm area to leave dyed material containers overnight

Step 1: Cut and Wash Fabric

To get started cut fabric into yard-sized pieces. Since I only bought a yard of canvas I cut it into two half-yards pieces.

After the fabric is cut, it needs to be washed in hot water with Dharma Textile Detergent or Synthrapol to remove any sizing, oil, or dirt.

If planning on dyeing right away, you can proceed to the next step. However, if you plan to dye another day, go ahead and dry the fabric.  Now the fabric will be ready for the next step.
<p>Hi Jescheibly1, Great question! No, I only put like colors together. Sometimes I even give them all their own containers to soak in. When I throw them in the machine for their wash I will again separate by colors to be extra cautious. Hope that helps.</p>
When you do the soap soak, do you put all the shirts in there at once? Wouldnt the hot water make the colors bleed and spread on to the other shirts in the soak?
<p>TeriN4, Yes a great way to spend a snowy day! Have fun.</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! I did this a few years ago, but forgot how much fun it is. A great way to spend part of this snowy day in PA!</p>
Nice! I enjoyed your blog as well. The ice dying looks fantastic.
Stringstretcher, So glad you like my blog. Thanks. Lynda
I LOVE, LOVE that pink one. It's just screaming to made into something cool
Straycatmeow,<br><br>Thanks. I've not yet made anything with them. Thanks for commenting. Lynda
very cool. so the snow melt kinda makes the dying patern random? i like it.
Attmos, That is what is so neat about this technique. You never know what the fabric will look like - like opening up a present every time. Thanks for commenting.
Gorgeous! The last one reminds me of prickly pear cactus. (No snow in Austin, TX, but I'll hit up my local raspa guy this summer.)
Toni,<br>Thanks for your comment. Prickly pear cactus huh? Never thought of that but it does kind of look like that. <br><br>Lynda
Beautiful! I love that effect!
So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog! Have a splendorous day!<br>sunshiine
sunshiine,<br><br>Thank you! And thanks for dropping by my blog. Lynda

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