Snow Flake Rainbowloom


Introduction: What U Will Need

About: So sorry havint posted things in a. While

1 hook 12neon blue bands 6neon orange bands

Step 1:

Grab 1 neon orange band rap it around ur hook 4 times take 2 neon blue bands and slide the rapped neon band on the 2 blue band do that 5 more times when ur done grab 1 more neon orange rubber band and side ALL of those neon Orange and neon blue bands on there IT IS POSSIBLE then put the two end bands and tie a slip not then ur don't plz comment and like plz comment what u would like me to do next thx I hope u like it :D



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    Yes I do have a pic I'm so sorry about that and also do u have a idea for what I can make next ?

    Thanks for sharing! Do you have a photo of the finished project? That would be great to post as the main photo :)