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Introduction: Snow Fort (airsoft)

About: Hello! I am a an Instructabler. I enjoy many stuff as you can see from my interests section. I am a traceur. I like to play games. I hope to be nice. Yeah.... I, I, I.... :T

Here are the pictures of my snow fort which I will use for backyard airsoft.

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    nice ible very nice fort but you dinet tell us how to build it anyway nice job ( :
    glad you and your dad had fun

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    Ain't it obvious how it's built?

    It was more of a slide show..... mainly for the snow contest 2.

    o ok i see but if you make an ible on how to make it it whould be just as sucksesful if not more ( :

    I am hoping for a bunch of snow this year to make a better one.... maybe then I'll make an 'ible for it...

    you should

    whish it snowed in australia :(

    put a mini-heater in your mag and then fill the mag and turn on heater, it heats the bbs wait about five minutes and it will actually get hot enough to melt this piece of crap thing 2 calls a "snow fort"

    Go have fun messing your gun up, you'll never have as much fun as me and my dad did.

    You might melt the snow but in the process you would probably melt the bb's.

    Time to get the flame balls out! XD

    wouldnt a bb go through this? My friends Airsoft gun shoots at around 500 fps

    It won't stay forever.... sadly! X(

    True. My contest entry is in a bad way because of a recent warm snap. However, temps are dropping as I write this, so I should be able to make some more.