Snow Globe Cocktail

Picture of Snow Globe Cocktail

While the weather outside is frightful, putting that weather in a glass with a cocktail, is a fun and super cute way to combat the cold - and that cabin fever!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
globe 2.jpg

To make your own snow globe cocktails you'll need the following for ONE cocktail:

  • clear glass tumbler*
  • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary sprigs
  • 3 small yogurt covered raisins + 1 large
  • toothpicks
  • dried rosemary
  • thin string
  • washi or masking tape
  • exacto or pairing knife
  • scissors
  • small piece of flat bottomed carrot
  • baster (not pictured)
  • white sugar (not pictured)

*NOTE: Sadly, a round bottomed glass won't work! You must use a straight glass or the ice will melt too quickly at the edges and the trees will float up after only a minute or so. In a straight glass, they will stay put for up to 10 minutes!

Step 2: Making Your Trees

Choose three rosemary sprigs with strong stems. The stronger the stems, the longer the trees will stand tall once the cocktail is added to the glass.

Find where the strongest part of the stem starts by bending the tips. Cut the stem at the transition point.

The top of the sprig is going to be the bottom of the tree. (So that the direction of the leaves is down.)

Pluck off about an inch of leaves to create the trunk of the tree. (like pictured) Decide how tall you'd like your tree to be (this will depend on the height of your glass), and trim the remaining sprig to create your tree top.

Repeat this process for the remaining two trees. I like to make 3 slightly different heights in order to create some visual dynamics..

Step 3: Making Your Snow Man

Chose three small yogurt covered raisins that step down in size slightly, like a classic snowman shape does.

Starting with the biggest bottom one, use your exacto knife to drill small holes on the top and bottom of the raisin. (This will help the yogurt coating crack less when you slide the raisins onto the toothpick.)

Slide and twist the bottom raisin onto the toothpick. Repeat the above for the middle raisin. Only make one hole on the bottom of the top 'head' raisin and add it to the top of the stack. Make sure that the toothpick isn't sticking out the top.

Next, using your exacto, make holes in the face for eyes and a mouth. Then make arm holes on the sides of the middle raisin.

Choose two thick dried rosemary leaves and stick those into the arm holes.

Use the flat bottomed carrot piece as a stand, sticking the end of the toothpick in it, and set the snowman aside.

Cut the bottom 1/3 of your large raisin off. This will become your final snowman base when it's ready to be added to the glass.

Step 4: Prepping Your Tree Supports

Picture of Prepping Your Tree Supports
globe 30.jpg
globe 31.jpg
globe 32 w text.jpg
globe 35.jpg
globe 36.jpg

Cut a length of tape that is long enough to go across the top of your glass and down about 3/4" on either side.

Cut this piece lengthwise, making two thinner pieces. Repeat the above on a second piece of tape.

Cut your fourth thin piece into 6 small pieces.

So you should end up with:

  • 3 long thin pieces
  • 6 short pieces

Attach the long pieces sticky side up to the top of the glass using the short pieces. (like pictured)

Step 5: Support String

Picture of Support String
globe 38.jpg

Cut three pieces of string that are long enough to attach to the tape and loop down to tree top level.

Step 6: Suspending Your Trees

Picture of Suspending Your Trees
globe 40.jpg
globe 41.jpg
globe 42.jpg
globe 43.jpg

Loop a piece of string through each tree top (do not tie it!) so that it will be easy to pull out gently when it's time.

Sneak each tree in between the tape and place them so that they are JUST touching the bottom of the glass and are hanging straight up and down.

Step 7: Adding the Snowman

Picture of Adding the Snowman
globe 44.jpg
globe 45.jpg
globe 46.jpg

Break off the snowman's toothpick so that only one inch is sticking out the bottom.

Cut another piece of string and loop it in between the bottom two raisins and under the snowman's arms.

Lower him down and place him with his eyes facing out. Use your scissors or a chopstick to push the the support raisin into the glass. The gooeyness of the raisin will 'glue' it to the bottom of the glass!

Stick this strings to the tape for extra support.

Step 8: Adding the 'Ground'

Picture of Adding the 'Ground'
globe 47.jpg
globe 49.jpg

Using a baster, add water to the glass, being careful not to get the tape wet, until it reaches the bottom of the snowman.

Put the glass(es) into the freezer for at least 1 1/2 hours so that the 'ground' can freeze. This will be enough to support the trees and snowman once you remove the tape and string.

Step 9: Post Freezer...

Picture of Post Freezer...
globe 51.jpg

Remove the glass(es) from the freezer and gently pull the strings out and remove the tape.

Step 10: Add Cocktail and Enjoy!

Picture of Add Cocktail and Enjoy!
globe beaut wood 5.jpg
globe beaut marble detail post melt.jpg

Now's the part where you add your cocktail!! For the best and most effective snow globe results, I suggest using only clear alcohol and mixers such as a martini, gin and tonic, or sake! You can also stick to water or seltzer.

Once you've added your drink of choice, sprinkle in a 'blanket' of sugar snow before serving.

If you're making these for guests, put a small bowl of sugar on your tray and sprinkle a bit into the drink as you hand it to them so they get the full effect!!

If you make the ice 'ground' thick enough (like pictured), the trees and snowman will stay put up to 10 minutes before it will dislodge and float to the surface. (also fun!)

Enjoy! And if you try making them, please click the 'I Made It' button and add a photo to the comments section. I'd love to see them!

njreyn2 months ago


BayRatt7 months ago

That is neato!! What fun!

Sinick1 year ago

To avoid the problem with the ice floating to the top of the glass, simply use a glass with a waist. There are a lot of beer glasses with a suitable shape.



Thank you! :)

That is adorable, I want to do this with all my drinks now!

This is a winner, you've got my vote. Thank you so much for sharing.

Korlee1 year ago

Just lovely! <3

wizgirl1 year ago

Too cute!

SUPREME!!! Thanks a lot, and congrats!

MISTHULA1 year ago

Really neat idea. How about some clear Liquours and lemon and lime soda? How does the flavor of the Rosemary effect the taste of the beverage? I have it growing in my yard and it's a pretty strong herb. I will have to experiment with this one. I voted for you.

I am not a fan of gin, but I would think the robust flavor of the rosemary could go well with the juniper flavor of the gin.

mdeblasi11 year ago

It's translucent, but it might just work↓


This looks fun, but couldn't you just stick more raisins to the bottoms of the trees instead of the tape/string finangling? Giving them a wider base would probably keep them in the ice longer - I don't drink cocktails very fast myself.

I like the frozen water at the bottom of the glass - that's very different and a good way to get a cold drink without dealing with floating cubes.

Do you drink it with a straw, or are the trees big enough that you don't risk drinking one by accident?

This is super duper adorable! I will definitely make these when we have our housewarming party <3 Thank you for taking the time to make these!

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!

I want to give this a try but drop some dessicated coconut in there. No, not a very wintery flavour but might look a bit snowy ...? I don't know. We don't get snow where I live.
That is brilliant!
randofo1 year ago

This turned out pretty rad.

Eeeeeee! They turned out perfectly. :D

That is the funnest cocktail ever!