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Built in London during a rare bout of heavy snow, this snow sculpture was a one-man effort that took roughly six hours to complete. It was built entirely out of snow, without any internal supports. No tools were used except for a small chair a passerby lent me so that I could reach the fingernails more easily.

Here are a few pieces of advice on snow sculpture in general and a guide to how I made this giant snow hand.

Disclaimer: Some of these photos are from my previous snow sculpture projects. One of them has been digitally edited. Hopefully it's fairly obvious which one.

Step 1: Health and safety

Picture of Health and safety

Warning! Snow is cold. Places with lots of snow are often cold. By standing in a place with lots of snow and playing with snow, you may also become cold. Wrap yourself up thoroughly (with waterproof trousers if possible) and be aware of signs of hypothermia.

Keep an eye out for:
  • Shivering
  • Numbness or tingling of your extremities and face
  • An increased sense of clumsiness, confusion or difficulty concentrating
  • Drowsiness or fatigue

If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself, go inside and warm up for a bit before carrying on with your sculpture. If you notice them in anyone else, consider slitting open their belly like a tauntaun's and climbing inside for warmth until help arrives.

Avoid building your snow sculptures on large frozen bodies of water or in places prone to avalanches.

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LOL! I recognized you in the picture after thinking that you made an awesome art piece with that snow hand!

Haha everybody give him a hand! (Pun intended) :)
Reply to bballtrack34:
Yeah, because he only has one. :P
He needs a lover with a Snow Hand.
He needs a lover with a Snow Hand.
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Holy moley! I've made things out of snow before but this is just awesome!!!!!!!!!
ilpug4 years ago
this is amazing. suffice to say you have too much time on your hands.
Yup, he has a lot of time in this hand :)
PenfoldPlant (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Nonsense! If I'd had too much time to spare, I'd have made another hand. And arms. And probably a torso with a head.

Alas, we don't get much snow in London.
London huh? thats cool, when did you do this? i thought it never snowed there, just rained. but thats my uninformed American opinion :P
PenfoldPlant (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Yeah, usually we just build rain sculptures but they tend not to hold together very long :)

I made this about a month ago when London was hit by unexpected early snowfall.
Wow, that thing is sick. I love it! Never tried to sculpt snow but if we ever move out of So. Cal I will definitely try it now. Thanks for the instructable!
it snows in some places in So. Cal some being the operative word lol like in Julian its in San Diego but the only draw back is it gets realy realy realy hot in the summer
JDMac1743 years ago
Nice. Only thing wrong with this is the hand is out of proportion! (kidding)
hahaha the guys face in the bucket is sooooo funny!!!!!!
bajablue4 years ago

In a project like this, a backhoe with a bucket loader would come in really "HANDY"! ;-D
poofrabbit4 years ago
Those poor moles! LOL
Arbitror4 years ago
I've seen some pretty crazy ice sculptures, but I've never seen a snow sculpture as crazy as this one!
Z.Backas4 years ago
Thanks for the instructable!
It is part of this inspiration for this one:
eriq94 years ago
Beautiful bro!! I especially love that you made the 'pickin' fingernail prominent on the pointer finger! Awesome work!! We had some serious snow here just recently and I was entirely clueless about how I could use it!! Here in Georgia (USA), it doesn't happen very often...DAMN! Where has my imagination gone??
farzadbayan4 years ago
For the winner , sure !
PenfoldPlant (author)  farzadbayan4 years ago
A guy can hope!
Thanks :)
That's winner ! Good work man !
Tom Buckey4 years ago
'This photograph has been digitally altered for comic effect.'
Possibly my favorite quote in my whole life.

Also great instructable, wish i had enough snow for this!
PenfoldPlant (author)  Tom Buckey4 years ago
Cheers Tom, thanks for reading!
How did you know my name? O.o
hehe.. But yeah I will try and make a smaller one of these next year... If it snows that is.
splazem4 years ago
I've got to hand it to you, that is one cool snow structure. Check out How To Make A Calvin And Hobbes Snowman, and tell me if you like it.
You need a giant snow skull and a few snow lines of shakespeare and a snow Globe.
Purple Guy4 years ago
Yours is most definitely the best. I decided to put in an "entry" after I saw yours. Its not very good but i have not been in a competition before so...
PenfoldPlant (author)  GreatAssGoblin4 years ago
Thanks! I'm delighted by all the positive comments!
Lindie4 years ago
Wow! Fun!
PenfoldPlant (author)  Lindie4 years ago
Thanks, it was a lot of fun!
bilham4 years ago
well done
PenfoldPlant (author)  bilham4 years ago
Thanks, bilham!
Owenmon4 years ago
reminds me of that hand thing in super smash bros.
none the less a great view!
PenfoldPlant (author)  Owenmon4 years ago
Haha, I wish I'd thought of that earlier! I would have posed for some photos doing classic Captain Falcon moves!
theal8r4 years ago
You should get extra points for having so little raw material at hand! In 2007-08 we had 179 inches here in North Idaho and I never came up with anything as DaVinci as your hand. Bravo!
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