Brrr! It's snowing outside, but I'm taking that to my advantage! Snow milkshakes taste exactly like ones from Sonic. And, most likely are WAAAY easier to make!

You'll need:
Fresh, clean snow
A cup
Mixing device?
Whipped cream- Spray can or in a plastic bin
Toppings? Mine were butterscotch with a touch of peanut butter.

This gets messy!

Step 1: Snow!

Now it's time to trek outside. Get your cup and find a patch of CLEAN SNOW. Make sure the snow is CLEAN. I repeat, CLEAN. Scoop the snow into the cup so that it goes a little over the brim. Go inside!!! It's cold out there.

Step 2: Cream!

Put a some cream in the cup with the snow. Mix. Keep doing so until the snow looks fluffy and creamy. You can put toppings on now. Enjoy!

*If you can figure out how to make a chocolate snow shake, please tell me in the comments!*
Hahahah I like
<p>Haha! I didn't even see this before I posted my own Snow Shake recipe! I don't blame us, they are so yummy and easy to make! </p>
<p>I have to say, the one I made was delicious :P</p><p>I made a chocolate shake with some chocolate syrup (http://bit.ly/1dppmiK). I also made a malt one, mixing Ovaltine, chocolate syrup, and the cream.</p><p>Thanks!!!!</p>
<p>You will actually need a bit more snow than the recipe calls for. The stuff melts.</p>

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