Picture of Snow Putty
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Gooey fun for every one! Stretch it, Bounce it, Throw it, the fun is endless
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Step 1: Ingreedents

Picture of Ingreedents
- Elmer's white craft glue.
- Liquid starch
- NaCl (salt)
- Spoon
- Beaker
- Clock
- Sink
- Cup

Step 2: Mixing

Picture of Mixing
With the beaker measure 50ml of white Elmer's glue and pour it into the cup. Then rinse it out and measure 100ml of the liquid starch. Pour the starch into the cup as well. Now measure 1 Ts. of salt ans dump it into the cup too. Find a clock and stir the ingredients aggressively for 12 min. It is crucial that you stir it for 12 min. or the Snow Putty will be sticky and won't stay together.

Step 3: Fun!

Picture of Fun!
After stirring the mixture, go to the silk and pour it into your hand. Need and squeeze the putty for 5 min or until all the exes liquid is gone. DO NOT RUN WATER ON SNOW PUTTY. It will fall apart. After a little while it will set up better and will unleash all of its fun properties! Have fun!!! : ]
thefoodman5 years ago
theres like 2ft. of snow in my yard today
sjlarue6 years ago
Pictures would be nice. Plus spell check please. You have some scattered through out. It makes it hard to follow when words are misspelled or are a totally different word all together. Also a helpful addition would be...Why is it called snow putty? You never used snow in the Instructable. So a brief explanation or story as to why is it called snow putty would make a better instructable.
Sunny1246137 years ago
Yea I made a clay very easily if you want to see go here
Allonsy7 years ago
ok, my hand hurts from all the stirring now...
Allonsy7 years ago
o ya i'm tryin 2 make this rite now and i added food coloring. it looks nice.
cry_wolf7 years ago
Some pictures instead of Gif's would be nice, try getting some if you can. Everyone would appreciate it, and your instructable would not be classified as newbie. :D
Charger_06 (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
yea your right i just thought it would be fun to use just Gif's and clip art
Yeah, i mean i like the Gifs but some pics added to the mix would make it a lot better. I don't mean to be harsh or anything, just a suggestion :D
Charger_06 (author) 7 years ago
please leave commets
estab7 years ago
I agree
Charger_06 (author) 7 years ago
ill get a pic of the putty its slef
yes, i would rather have pictures too... but still, cool pictures/ instructable! :-)