This is my first carving with the snow saw, it can be found here on instructables.  It took about an hour to cart away the excess snow that I had to dig away with the shovel, then out came the saw.  An hour later and the basic shape was complete.  Then on new years day I added the wheels and some details, and gave it a flame job.  Mid-life crisis averted!  Make sure to vote for me if you like it, and please rate me.  It just takes a second and lets me know how I'm doing on instructables.  Thanks alot and go out and carve something cool!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

  • Snow saw- here's a link - https://www.instructables.com/id/Snow-Saw/
  • Shovel

  • Crap load of snow
  • Optional: spray paint or food coloring in spray bottles

<p>OMG this is just beautiful. </p>
no way! i just saw this on the weather network!
yep, posted it last night for kicks
dang thats alot of snow~ <br> over here where i live it only snowed like 5 inches and like the whole comunity shutdown XD <br> <br>great snow car, to bad it has to disapear :(
Nice car, love the paint job! :D
Thanks, its all melty now :(
Gar! I can't even navigate this website!
Love your take on creativity! Outstanding sir.
Why thank you!
great pics - I need to spread the word on this one.
please and thankyou
Rule #41 - Never take money from a guy in a Morrison Hotel hoodie.
Nice, you noticed that
I am interested, I will pay 1000 dollars. Can you send it to Argentina? Consider that here is midsummer, with temperatures above 35&ordm;C (95&ordm; Fahrenheit)
yes, but you will have to provide the refrigeration truck!
I will think it, but seems that will cost more the leash than the dog...
great job on carving that! <br>it looks like it turned out really great, no cheap lawn decoration can beat that!
its like a flock of winter flamingos!
This is totally awesome! hahaha welldone!

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